Accident Claims Leeds

Accident Claims Leeds serves over 750,000 residents who are in need of a personal injury solicitor. Leeds is one of the fastest growing and third biggest city in the UK.

The Accident Claims Leeds team most commonly handles whiplash claims from residents who have suffered an injury from a road traffic accident.  Whilst whiplash claims are the most common type of compensation claim dealt with, our solicitors in Leeds have exceptional experience in handling all types of personal injury claims.

We operate across the country from various locations and are seen as one of the leading accident claims and whiplash claims specialists in the UK. Being situated so close our team in Liverpool and Manchester regularly work together to achieve our exceptional client care and success rates.

We’ve been helping people claim compensation in Leeds for over 40 years, a testament to our reputation in the local community. We offer 24 hour accident claims advice in Leeds by contacting us on 0800 073 8801

Will I Need To See A Doctor?

In most cases you won’t need to attend a medical appointment. We do advise that after being involved in a car accident or suffering any type of personal injury that you go and see your doctor. If you haven’t been to see a doctor about your injuries then Accident Claims Leeds can arrange the medical appointment for you. Whilst not essential, any physician report will only strengthen any claims of injury.  Don’t panic – we’re with you every step of the way and can discuss options with you when we assess your claim.

Do you only deal with whiplash claims?

Absolutely not. Accident Claims Leeds have over 40 years experience in dealing with every type of claim you can imagine. Our personal injury solicitors we’re the first in the country to successfully claim compensation for soldiers suffering from ‘gulf war syndrome’. We have unrivalled experience ranging from catastrophic head injuries to personal injuries from product defects. Some of our practiced disciplines include.

Work Accident Claims 

Sports Injuries

Slips, Trips and Falls

Victims of Violent Crimes

Flight Delay Compensation

We have an online claims calculator which can help you estimate what compensation you may be due.