How Do I Make A No Win No Fee Broken Jaw Claim?

By Jo Anderson. Last Updated 5th December 2023. If you’re looking for help and support on how to make a broken jaw claim, Accident Claims can help. 

On this page, we explain how our No Win No Fee solicitors can offer quality representation in a personal injury claim. We discuss potential compensation payouts, the claims process, and what evidence you need to make a claim.

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How To Make A Broken Jaw Claim

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Can I Make A Broken Jaw Claim?

Not everyone would be able to claim compensation for a broken jaw. For a claim to be valid, you would need to be able to prove that:

  • Someone owed you a duty of care.
  • They breached this duty of care.
  • You suffered a broken jaw as a result.

Various parties owe you a duty of care, including:

  • Those in control of public places – These are known as occupiers. Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, they have a duty of care towards members of the public who are using their premises for their intended purpose. They must take steps to ensure their reasonable safety while they are visiting that space.
  • Employers – Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HASAWA), employers have a duty of care that they owe their employees. They must make sure that they take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their employees while they are working.
  • Road users – Road users all owe each other a duty of care. They must use the roads in a manner that does not cause harm to each other. Furthermore, they must adhere to the Road Traffic Act 1988, as well as follow the guidance and rules contained within the Highway Code.

If any of these parties breached their duty of care towards you, and this caused you to suffer a broken jaw, you could be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

Additionally, you must also ensure that you make your broken jaw claim within the relevant time limit. Under the Limitation Act 1980, all personal injury claims must be started within 3 years of the accident date. However, certain exceptions apply.

To learn what these exceptions are, or the check the validity of your case, you can contact one of our advisors.

What Broken Jaw Injuries Can You Claim Compensation For?

A broken bone is when a bone breaks into two or more pieces. A fracture is a broken bone or cracked bone. In this guide, we will refer to both types of injuries. The jawbone, or to use the scientific name the mandible, is the largest bone in the lower face. A broken jaw is an injury where the mandible is broken into two or more pieces or is fractured.

A broken jaw or fractured jaw injuries should be treated as soon as possible. If a broken or fractured jaw injury is not treated in a timely manner, it can take longer to heal, or fractured jaw complications can occur.

It was estimated that during 2019/20, in the workplace alone, there were over 4,500 injuries to the head and/or face, which includes jaw fractures. Of these, more than 1,000 were specified, with over 3,000 of these leading to an employee being absent from work for more than seven days.

How Are Broken Jaw Injuries Caused?

Broken jaw injuries are caused by trauma to the face. The following types of incidents can cause a broken jaw:

  • A broken jaw could be caused by assault or GBH. If you have experienced this, you may be able to claim broken jaw assault compensation.
  • Sporting injuries can result in a broken or fractured jaw injury.
  • Road traffic accidents can result in a broken jaw or fractured jaw.
  • A slip or trip and fall accident can result in a fractured jaw bone injury.
  • Workers can suffer a broken jaw in a workplace accident, or industrial accident.

If you’ve come to harm in any of these circumstances, you may be entitled to broken jaw compensation. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about making a broken jaw claim.

What Are The Effects And Symptoms Of An Injury To The Jaw?

What broken jaw symptoms or fractured jaw symptoms should you look for? Symptoms of a broken jaw or fractured jaw include:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Malocclusion, which is the feeling that a person’s teeth do not all fit together
  • Difficulty opening the jaw fully, swelling of the jaw and difficulty speaking.
  • The lower lip and chin feel numb, due to the nerves of the mandible being damaged.
  • Bleeding in the mouth
  • A cut in the ear canal, due to the jaw bone being pushed backwards
  • Cuts in the mouth
  • A change in the way the teeth line up.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a broken jaw or fractured jaw that we have mentioned above, seek the appropriate medical treatment at a hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) department. If you are having difficulty breathing, call an ambulance. Any such scenario could lead to you making a broken jaw claim.

How Are Broken Jaws Treated?

A doctor will usually conduct a physical exam to look for swelling and other visible broken jaw symptoms. They may then take an x-ray to identify the fracture or break.

Jaw fractures and broken jaw injuries are treated using different methods depending on the severity of the injury. Medication will be given to help the injured person manage the pain.

If the mandible fracture is stable, it will be treated by the upper and lower teeth being wired together. Broken and fractured bones knit together (heal) over time but need to be stabilised and immobilised, to make sure they heal in the correct position.

During this time, the person won’t be able to eat solid food or speak clearly. If the breaks or fractures are more serious, the patient may have to have surgery where metal plates are inserted across the fracture site, to hold the mandible in place while it heals. The patient can usually eat normally soon after the operation, and the plates will be removed once the bone has healed.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim For A Broken Jaw?

With personal injury claims compensation, there are two types of damages you may be compensated for. This section focuses on how much you could receive for any physical or psychological injuries caused by a cracked jaw. For example, you could suffer an unhinged jaw, but also psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Legal professionals are known to use the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to estimate cracked jaw injury claims compensation. The latest edition of the JCG, which was published in April 2022, features compensation brackets that are based on settlements awarded in previous court cases for different injuries.

The table below includes example entries from the JCG. Please remember, however, that the figures featured below are not accurate representations of the final figure you might receive.

Your final settlement figure will depend on a number of factors, including any supporting evidence for your claim and if you have suffered from any financial loss after suffering an unhinged jaw.

Broken Jaw Compensation Payouts

Type Of Jaw Bone Injury Comments Settlement
Multiple severe injuries with associated financial losses. Serious combinations of injuries that result in pecuniary losses, such as travel costs, medical expenses and loss of earnings. Up to £100,000+
Jaw bone fracture (i) (i) Very serious multiple fractures that require prolonged
treatment and result in permanent consequences that include
restriction in eating, severe pain, paraesthesia, and/or the
risk of arthritis in the joints.
£30,490 to £45,540
Jaw bone fracture (ii) At this level, there are serious bone fractures which could lead to permanent issues, such as when trying to open the mouth. There may be paraesthesia in the area of the jaw. £17,960 to £30,490
Jaw bone fracture (iii) At this level, there are simpler fractures to the jaw bone. These require immobilising and recovery can be complete. £6,460 to £8,730
Damage to teeth (i) Loss of, or serious damage to several of your front teeth. £8,730 to £11,410
Damage to teeth (ii) Loss of or serious damage to two front teeth. £4,350 to £7,630
Damage to teeth (iii) Loss of or serious damage to one of your front teeth. £2,200 to £3,950
Psychological injury – Moderately Severe The claimant will suffer with significant problems but will have a more optimistic prognosis. £19,070 to £54,830
Psychological injury – Moderate Despite dealing with various issues, marked improvements will have been made. £5,860 to £19,070

This calculator estimates how much compensation you could be owed in general damages. It does not include an estimation of how much you could claim in special damages. This is a rough estimation that does not reflect your personal circumstances. For an accurate estimate of how much compensation you could claim, call Accident Claims UK to speak to an advisor. They can explain compensation amounts in further depth.

Can I Recover Other Costs In A Broken Jaw Claim?

It may be possible to recover other costs when you successfully claim compensation for a broken jaw. Any financial costs and losses that you have incurred are compensated for under the special damages. Costs and losses that can be included under this head of claim could include:

  • Loss of earnings – You may have lost out on income if you couldn’t work because of your injuries. Both past and future loss of earnings could form part of your compensation payout.
  • Medical expenses – Such as having to pay for prescriptions or dental treatment if your broken jaw also affected your teeth.
  • Travel costs – If you have had to pay for transport to get to meetings with your lawyer, or to attend medical appointments, this could also be compensated for.

You would need to provide evidence that these costs and losses arose as a direct result of your injuries to claim for them. Examples may include payslips, invoices and bank statements.

To learn more about claiming special damages in a broken jaw claim, please contact an advisor.

Can I Claim Compensation For A Broken Jaw Under A No Win No Fee Agreement?

If you have legitimate grounds to claim broken jaw compensation, we can offer you the option to make a No Win No Fee claim. What does this mean? A No Win No Fee claim, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), minimises the financial risk involved in making a claim, for the client. When making a No Win No Fee claim, there is no upfront solicitors fee to pay.

Instead, the client will pay a success fee to the solicitor if their claim is successful. This fee will be deducted from their final settlement, making no win no fee more affordable for many. In the unlikely event, the claim is unsuccessful, the claimant will not have to pay their solicitor’s fee, so there is less financial risk involved in your broken jaw claim.

To learn more about making a No Win No Fee claim for a jaw bone fracture or break, call Accident Claims UK today to speak to an advisor about receiving compensation.

How Accident Claims Can Help You Claim Compensation

If you are eligible to make a personal injury claim for a broken jaw injury, you may wish to get some assistance.

Here at Accident Claims UK, we can help to explain the personal injury claims process to you. We can also check the eligibility of your case, provide free advice and answer any questions you may have about starting a claim. Additionally, if we believe that you have a strong case, we could put you in contact with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors who could guide you through the claiming process.

To discuss your broken jaw claim today, contact one of our advisors via any of the following methods:

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FAQ On Making A Broken Jaw Claim

Should I use a solicitor to help me with a broken jaw claim?

Using a solicitor to help you with a broken jaw claim could benefit you. After all, this would mean you didn’t have to take on the legal legwork of proving your claim. Instead, your lawyer could negotiate compensation on your behalf. This means you could concentrate on your recovery.

Do I need a local lawyer to claim broken jaw compensation?

You do not necessarily need to use a lawyer that is based locally for your claim. Instead, you could use someone who is based anywhere in the UK. We would advise you to check that they are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, however and that are registered in England and Wales. You may also want to check if they have the experience you’re looking for, and whether they have good reviews.

What is loss of amenity in a broken jaw compensation claim?

Loss of amenity, generally speaking, refers to a negative impact on the enjoyment of life, which has been caused by your injury. For example, a broken jaw injury may prevent you from doing things you usually enjoy. Damages for loss of amenity are difficult to give precise guidance on, but we would be happy to speak to you about your specific circumstances to help you understand what considerations will be given when calculating your broken jaw payout.

Thank you for reading our guide about making a broken jaw claim.