Rape Victim Compensation Calculator Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Do You Get For Rape In The UK?

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 23rd January 2023. Welcome to our guide on rape victim compensation and how much compensation do you get for rape in the UK. In this article, we’ll look to answer the question “how much compensation can be claimed for a rape victim from the rape victim compensation scheme?” and look in detail at rape compensation claims explaining ‘how do you get victim compensation for rape injuries?’ and ‘How does victim compensation work?’. We’ll show you who could claim criminal injury compensation and how such claims are porcessed. Plus, we offer examples of CICA payouts. These could work in place of a victim support compensation calculator or criminal injury compensation calculator. That way, you could get insight into how much you could claim.

Rape Crisis reported shocking sexual abuse statistics for the year ending March 2017, which indicated that nearly 97,000 females and males are raped annually in the UK. The same statistics show that around 500,000 adults experience sexual assault in their lifetime. But how many lead to successful sexual assault claims or general assault claims? Too few, sadly.

Claiming Rape Compensation For Physical And Mental Injuries

Following a rape or sexual assault, the victim’s life can transform unimaginably. Victims of rape often experience both physical and psychological injury. If the assault was particularly violent, the victim of crime might suffer severe injuries such as broken bones and bleeding as well as troubling injuries such as soreness. The psychological effects can be severe and long-lasting. Common conditions include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), shock, depression, anxiety and dissociation.

Getting Help With Rape Compensation Claims

If you have experienced rape or sexual abuse, it is important that you seek help. You may be entitled to receive rape compensation. Our experts are on hand to help you through the minefield that can be rape compensation claims.

You are likely to have many questions about rape compensation claims. We hope that our guide will enable you to access all the details about rape compensation that you need. Our team is always available to answer your questions about No Win No Fee rape compensation claims at any time, and we’d love to hear from you. Call us today on 0800 073 8801

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How to claim compensation for rape

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Rape Victim Compensation Guide

Figures from the Office of National Statistics showed that in 2016 there had been an increase of 37% in rape, sexual assault and other sexual offences compared to the previous year and there has in fact been an upward trend since 2012, mostly due to better reporting which at least is a positive. Rape is a persistent problem in the UK, and many find that the policies in place for investigating rape as well as looking after the victims of rape are often inadequate.

Claiming criminal injury compensation

Under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) 2012, you may be entitled to rape victim compensation if you have been a victim of rape. You can make a rape victim claim for both physical and psychological damage caused by the rape, as well as any financial loss that you may have suffered as a result of medical fees, rehabilitation fees, loss of income and other expenses which occurred as a result of the rape. The CICA can explain how much compensation for rape victims is feasible.

How much compensation do you get for rape in the UK – Your Questions Answered

This guide seeks to explain to you in a clear and straightforward way how the rape victim compensation scheme for rape victims may be able to help you. We will explain what rape really means, how much you may be entitled to in compensation, how to make a claim for psychological or physical damage which occurred as a result of the rape, and how to go about making a rape claim.

Every case is different, and you may still be left with questions even after you have read our guide so if you’re wondering can I claim compensation for being sexually assaulted or how much compensation for domestic violence, or even what sort of court compensation payments you might be awarded,  please call us for a free no-obligation chat to find out the answers to your questions around rape compensation claims. You will find our contact details in the last section.

The definition of rape

The legal definition of rape is forcing someone to have sex against their will. This includes performing a number of acts without consent. These acts include penile penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth. Penetration with other body parts or objects are also be classed as rape and have been seen in rape compensation claims.

Sexual assault is not the same thing as rape. If you are touched in a sexual way or forced to perform sexual acts without penetration and without your consent, then this is classed as sexual assault. In order for a case to be considered rape in law, there must be penetration without consent.

Rape does not only happen to women. Men and children can also be victims of rape, and they are also entitled to claim compensation in the same way as a woman.

Compensation for personal injuries received as a result of rape

The level of violence and force usually involved in rape means that the victim is likely to suffer physical injuries. This may be an injury to the genitalia such as soreness or bleeding in the vagina or anus. It can also include infections, sexually transmitted diseases as well as bruises, cuts and swelling. Injuries on other parts of the body and the neck may also be present if the victim has been beaten or choked. It is not uncommon for the perineum to tear. The physical damage caused by rape may be immediately obvious but sometimes lays undiscovered for several weeks.

How does victim compensation work?

There are different paths you could take when claiming compensation for rape. 

Firstly, you could claim directly against the perpetrator. However, this is only possible if they have been identified and have the means to pay compensation.

Secondly, you could claim against a vicariously liable third party. For example, if your employer failed to take reasonable steps to address concerns you had about another employee and this led to you experiencing harm in a violent crime, you could claim against them.

If neither of these options is suitable, you could apply for compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The CICA provides a way for those who have been the victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland and Wales with a way to seek compensation. It is an option available to those who have no other way of seeking compensation. 

You may be wondering whether the CICA have a rape victim compensation scheme. They can award compensation valued in line with the tariff of injuries set out in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012.

To learn more about how you get victim compensation after experiencing harm in a violent crime, get in touch on the number above.

How to claim compensation when rape has caused psychological damage

Victims of rape may be harmed as much by the psychological damage caused by the attack as the physical damage, which leads to rape compensation being awarded. Bodily injuries disappear after a time, but psychological scars can remain for much longer, sometimes for life. This is often taken into accounts when how much compensation for rape victim payments are calculated.

Psychological Injuries From Rape And Sexual Assault

One of the psychological conditions which may appear following a rape includes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Symptoms of PTSD include depression, flashbacks, feelings of fear, mood swings and feelings of helplessness. Any of these could result in the receipt of rape victim compensation.

Other psychological conditions include low self-esteem, eating disorders, sexual disorders, self-hate, shame and dissociation. Rape Victims may even find that they are rejected or blamed by members of the public. Lack of trust that results from an attack may mean that you have problems making and maintaining meaningful relationships in the future. You may struggle to return to work due to depression or lack of sleep which is part of the wider psychological problem resulting from the rape.

Victims who suffer from negative psychological effects following a rape should use the opportunity to make rape compensation claims from their attacker.

Who are the criminal injuries compensation authority (CICA)?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority was set up and funded by the government to enable victims of either mental or physical abuse to be able to make rape compensation claims as well as other types of criminal claims.

They award over £200 million worth of compensation to victims annually. The agency is supported by the Ministry of Justice. Only victims of violent crime who are shown to be blameless are entitled to claim the victim support compensation.

Can other people who saw the incident claim criminal injury compensation?

This also covers people who have been injured as a result of a crime or people who were harmed whilst trying to prevent crime or protect themselves.

Innocent bystanders may also be entitled to rape victim compensation from CICA if they were mentally impacted upon by the violent crime. Relatives of victims who have died as a result of a crime may also claim. If you would like to know anything more about criminal injuries compensation, how long does it take or how the process works, we can certainly talk you through the process. And this should enlighten you regarding how much compensation for rape victims you could claim for.

What is the role of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)?

CICA seeks compensation for victims of violent crime to cover the whole range of loss of earnings and expenses that have occurred in the aftermath of the crime.

Even if the attacker has not been caught, CICA is able to give compensation to victims. These are some of the factors that CICA will consider when deciding whether or not compensation should be payable.

  • Did the victim report the case to the police or other prosecuting authority?
  • Did the victim seek medical care for their injuries?
  • What was the extent of the injuries that they suffered?
  • Can it be proven that there was no consent from the victim?
  • How much evidence was gathered from the crime?
  • Were their witness statements or psychiatric reports?
  • How has the victim conducted themselves prior to and after the attack?
  • Does the victim have a previous criminal record?
  • Has the victim cooperated with CICA, the police and other relevant judicial bodies?

Rape compensation – check your eligibility

Although the process for claiming compensation for rape victims may seem straightforward, it can actually become complicated very swiftly due to CICA’s strict process for reviewing cases and deciding the eligibility for compensation.

Before you become embroiled in this complex chain of events, we strongly suggest that you find a solicitor. Our team will help you to get your case heard and get the compensation that you are entitled to.

How long do I have to make a claim for rape to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)? 

You have two years from the date of the rape or the date that the report was made to the police to make a claim to CICA. If you failed to report a case to the police or you missed the time limit, then you may miss out on your chance to claim compensation.

It is entirely understandable that rape victims are worried about going to the police and claiming damages due to the fear and trauma that they have experienced. However, our experienced and highly trained team understand how you are feeling and are here to offer support and help you through the process without causing you any additional stress.

For more information on claiming compensation for rape victims through CICA, please get in touch.

Facts and statistics about sexual assault and rape

If you are still feeling unsure about whether or not to claim against your attacker, then take a look at these facts and figures about rape to help you understand that you are not alone.

  • According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, there were at least 56,152 reported rape cases according to police data in the UK between October 2019 and September 2020.
  • The rape crisis helpline responded to around 3000 calls per week between 2015 and 2016. This amounts to at least 171,000 calls.
  • The vast majority of people who contacted Rape Crisis were women, accounting for 95%. 33% of people were under 25s, and nearly 2000 people were under 15 years old.
  • The shocking reality is that at least 85% of rape cases are unreported.
  • The vast majority, around 90% of rape victims knew their attacker according to An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales.
  • 20% of women over the age of 16 but under the age of 60 have experienced sexual violence in their lives.
  • Just 5.7% of rape cases result in a conviction in the UK. This is one of the lowest conviction rates in our country. And that also means few sufferers claim for rape victim compensation.

Talk to one of our highly trained experts for help in filing your rape compensation claims and for determining how much compensation for rape victims is achievable.

How will my physical and psychological damage be assessed following rape

Before awarding compensation, the CICA will consider the severity of your injuries both physical and psychological that were suffered as a result of the rape. They will also take into account how these injuries will affect you going forward in your life, including the impact on your finances.

Only the most serious injuries and victims of the most distressing crimes are eligible to receive compensation from the CICA. The CICA will also take into account any existing injuries which have been exacerbated by sexual violence. Only injuries valued above £1,000 will be eligible to receive payment.

Rape Compensation – What Injuries Could I Claim For?

The CICA scheme will consider which are the three most severe injuries that you have suffered. The first most serious injury receives 100% of the tariff amount, the second most serious is awarded 30% and the third most serious is awarded 15%. The only way that the scheme would payout for more than three injuries is where the victim becomes pregnant, suffers a miscarriage or is infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

You may also be eligible for payment from the CICA for any medically verifiable psychological illness caused by rape. For a psychological injury that is temporary, you can expect a payment of around £1,000, but for a psychological condition that is expected to last for a lifetime then the payment can exceed £1,000. Only the most serious psychological injury will be considered for payment by the CICA.

Evidencing Injuries

Be prepared to be asked to have a medical examination as a doctor will need to give an opinion on the extent of the injuries that you suffered from the attack. The doctor’s report will be used as evidence in your claim and could help determine how much compensation for rape victims is paid.

How will the physical and psychological damage affect me long-term following rape?

Rape victims often suffer more severe injuries than victims of other criminal activities. Often these are hidden psychological injuries rather than physical scars.

Unfortunately, unwanted pregnancies may occur after a rape which means that a mother is left to care for a baby that she did not plan for. Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted and uterine fibroids may be diagnosed at a later date. In some cases, physical injuries will be severe enough that the victim may become dependent on other people for their care.

Psychological Concerns

Long term psychological conditions can include personality disorders that would impact on your ability to do your job or to get a new job, form meaningful relationships and may lead to low self-esteem. You may develop depression and distrust as a result of your injuries.

The psychological and physical impacts can mean that you struggle to lead a normal and fulfilling life. You may need to spend a lot of money on therapy and rehabilitation as well as losing out on opportunities in life.

The CICA will consider all of these factors before awarding compensation for rape victims. A good solicitor will help you to prepare all of the information you need and claim the rape victim compensation you deserve for the physical and psychological injuries that you have suffered.

The process to follow if you want to make a rape claim

Although you may be experiencing both mental and physical distress following an attack it is important that you handle the situation in a way that will enable you to make a claim from the CICA in the future. Ensure that you inform the police and see a doctor to enable them to give you a medical examination as soon as possible. All of this will determine how much compensation for rape victims is claimable.

Go somewhere safe

Ensure you are safe and contact someone to help and advice

Keep as much evidence as possible

Avoid showering or removing your clothes after the attack. This may destroy forensic evidence. Only do so after you have reported the incident and been told by the police that it is safe to wash. Write down everything you can remember about the attack and your attacker whilst it is fresh in your mind.

Report the incident

Go to the police or call the Rape Crisis helpline as soon as you feel able to do so. Give them as much information as you can remember.

File a report

If you were attacked in commercial premises like a school, a workplace or a hotel then it is important that you report the details to the manager.

See a doctor

After a sexual attack, it is crucial that you see a medical professional in order to be examined. This will provide you with forensic evidence and a professional statement on the outcome of the attack.

Keep documents

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of the attack, keep as much evidence of this as possible, including receipts.

Finally, seek a solicitor to help you file your rape compensation claims within the timeframe dictated by the CICA to ensure that you receive the rape victim compensation that you’re entitled to.

If I have been raped what can I claim for?

You may be eligible for one or more of the different payments made by the CICA. The different types of damages it recognises are:

  • Injury payouts. This will cover the cost of any treatments that have been required as a result of the injuries sustained from a rape incident. This covers both physical and mental injuries.
  • Financial loss with regard to loss of earnings if your injuries mean that you are unable to work or lose your job. You will need to provide evidence to show that you had a secure job at the point at which you were attacked and that the attack was the reason that you lost your earning capability.
  • Additional expenses. You may need to make changes to your home, use special equipment to cope with any injuries sustained by the rape in order to remain independent. This also covers any funeral costs and the expenses of medical care, particularly for victims who have been physically or mentally incapacitated.

If any or all of these categories apply to you, then please do contact a member of our team who can look at the details of your case and let you know if you are eligible to claim compensation. Our team will help you get the maximum amount that you are entitled to.

Rape claims on a no win no fee basis

If you have suffered a trauma such as rape you really need to look into getting the right kind of advice in order to reduce your stress as much as possible and allow somebody else to shoulder the burden. Legal fees can be a huge worry which is why we offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ service for rape compensation claims. We understand that anxiety about how to pay legal bills will just add to your stress.

The ‘No Win No Fee’ service means that you only have to pay for our services once you have received your compensation. If the rape victim compensation claim is unsuccessful we won’t ask you to pay any fees. If you are awarded compensation then you pay us out of your final settlement. How much compensation for rape victims determines how much the No Win No Fee payment may be.

Compensation Amounts For Rape Victims

If you are claiming via the CICA, we should mention that usually, you could only claim for up to three injuries. The three most highly valued injuries would be considered when working out compensation for a successful claim. The most highly valued injury would be compensated for at 100% of the tariff rate. Then the second most highly valued injury could receive 30% of the tariff value, and the third could receive 15% of the tariff rate.

Additional payments could be made, however, if you have become pregnant, contracted an STI or lost a foetus as a result of the criminal injury.

Below, you can see a table with figures from the tariff outlined by the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme 2012

Type of compensation Severity Amount Notes (If required)
Sexual Assault/Rape Minor to Severe Up to £44,000 Damage that is physical and severity of attacks as well as long term effects are taken into account here
Damage (psychiatric) Minor to Severe Up to £27,000 This is calculated based on psychiatric injury, and depends on how severe and long lasting the effects are
Injury to toe Mild to severe Up to £13,500
Injury to foot Minor to Very Severe Up to £13,500
Injury to ankle/s Minor to Very Severe Up to £16,500
Injury to the knee Moderate to Severe Up to £6,200
Injury to the leg/s Moderate to Severe Up to £110,000 Highest value awarded where both legs are lost
Injury to the arm/s Moderate to Severe Up to £110,000 Highest value awarded where both arms are lost
Injury to the Shoulder/s Minor to Severe Up to £6,200
Injury/ies to the neck Minor to Severe Up to £11,000 Highest value awarded for permanent injury
Injury/ies to the back Minor to Severe Up to £11,000 Highest value awarded for permanent injury
Damage to the Brain Minor to Very Severe Up to £250,000 Highest value awarded in cases where there’s no physical movement and little to no meaningful response to environment or language function
Injury to the eye/s Minor to Permanent Up to £110,000 Highest value offered for loss of sight in both eyes
Injury/ies to the chest Minor to Severe Up to £16,500 Highest value will be awarded to injuries requiring thoracotomy with removal or extensive repair of one or more organs
Injuries causing victims to become deaf Partial to Total Deafness Up to £44,000 Highest value will be awarded to injuries resulting in complete deafness in both ears
Paralysing injuries Paraplegi to Quadriplegic Up to £250,000 Highest value awarded to substantially complete impairment in motor and sensory function to upper and lower limbs
Burn injuries Minor to Severe Up to £11,000

If you would like more information on claiming compensation for rape, please get in touch on the number above.

How do I begin a rape claim for rape victim compensation?

We suggest that you begin a rape claim by having a free consultation with one of our team. You’ll find our contact details on the webpage. We won’t charge you for this conversation, it just helps us to understand your case and look at the evidence that you have already collected. We can then advise you on the next steps to take.

Following this free consultation, we may ask you to see a local doctor or a forensics professional to give their opinion on the injuries that you have sustained. They will give us a better idea of any long-term consequences which may occur.

Following this, we begin the claims procedure. We will keep you updated and continue to support you all the way through until you receive your payout. The sooner you seek professional advice if you plan to make a claim, the better. To find out more about how much compensation for rape victims might be paid, please get in touch.

Choosing Accident Claims to help you through a rape claim for rape victim compensation

Accident claims are highly experienced in the field of rape compensation claims. We have a specialised team that understands the trauma that you are feeling and are there to offer you the support that you need in pursuing rape victim compensation. Our team know that you want the process to be as quick and easy as possible.

We guarantee that we will respect your need for privacy and will safeguard your information. Accident Claims UK will offer you confidentiality. We offer both male and female experts, and you’re free to choose who you speak to. Although all of our team are highly professional we know that you may have a preference. We offer ‘No Win No Fee’ assistance too.

We have a high level of customer satisfaction, and we’re keen to help you on your quest to claim what you’re entitled to. Speak to us about how much compensation for rape victims is attainable.

Call us now for advice about how to begin your rape claim for rape victim compensation

For the best team of professionals to help with rape compensation claims, you only need to know one number. We promise to help you settle your claim as quickly and painlessly as possible. Call us on 0800 073 8801 for a free no-obligation chat. You can also contact us using the web chat facility or contact form on the website. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

How do you determine how much compensation for rape victims is paid?

When you contact us to find out how much compensation for rape victims might be possible in your case, we’ll work at a pace that suits you. We know that discussing a rape case with a stranger is not going to be easy. We will need to know the facts though, so we’ll conduct our free consultation in a sensitive and confidential manner.

When discussing rape, sexual assault or other sexual offences against you, we’ll listen to all of the facts of the case. Where there is a possibility of making a CICA claim, we could pass the case to a specialist solicitor. If they agree to work for you, they will arrange for specialists to assess your medical records. Their report could be an important factor to determine how much compensation should be paid.  Additionally, your solicitor will act on your behalf to gather police reports and other evidence that could help.

Preparing for your rape compensation claim

Once everything has been considered, your solicitor will prepare your claim and file it with the CICA for you. Using their experience and knowledge of the process, they’ll try to ensure you are paid the maximum amount of compensation. Importantly, you won’t need to discuss the case with anybody other than your solicitor. They’ll handle everything else for you.

If you have further questions on how much compensation for rape victims might be paid, please let us know today. Our team can help via live chat or over the phone.

Rape compensation claims- FAQs

Are there any exceptions to the time limit for claiming from CICA?

We’ve already mentioned that in most cases the time limit for CICA claims is two years after the incident occurred. But this can be extended.

If you’re able to show that there were exceptional circumstances that stopped you from making a claim earlier, then this time limit can be extended. However, in these cases, your application’s supporting evidence should be able to be determined without a claims officer doing extensive further enquiries.

Claiming for historical rape

If you were under the age of 18 at the time that the offence took place, then late applications will be considered. A parent or guardian can claim on your behalf if you’re not able to apply on your own.

If your rape or abuse was reported to the police before you were 18, but nobody claimed for you, then you have until your 20th birthday to make a claim. If the incident wasn’t reported at the time, you can apply within 2 years of you reporting the rape to the police.

What loss of earnings can I claim for? 

If your injuries have resulted in you having an extremely limited capacity, or complete inability, to undertake paid work, then you might be entitled to claim for loss of earnings through CICA. To do so, you need to be able to show that you were working at the time of the attack. You should also be able to show that you have a good working history for 3 years prior to the incident. To claim for loss of earnings, you need to have been out of work for at least 28 weeks.

When could I claim after suffering a rape?

You can begin your claim at any point immediately afterwards.

How long do I have in order to make a claim?

You have up to three years to make a claim aside from the exceptions above.

When could a settlement be reached?

Outside of criminal proceedings, such cases could last between 12-18 months.

What evidence should I provide?

Any police reports and medical reports could prove crucial to the success of your case.

What are the chances of me receiving justice?

So long as there is clear evidence, the odds are very high of your case winning once our team takes it on.

When do I receive my compensation?

After a settlement is reached, you should receive your compensation within 14-28 days.

Do I actually need a lawyer to claim rape victim compensation?

No, it may be a common misconception that you would legally need to use a lawyer to make a rape victim compensation claim. However, reliving what is happened to you, and building a strong case the compensation could be somewhat stressful. It could also be somewhat traumatic for you. This is why some claimants prefer to use a solicitor when making a compensation claim of this type.

How solicitors could help

The solicitor could fight for the maximum compensation for your case, using all their professional knowledge and ability. They could build a stronger case as possible for compensation on your behalf. We would, however, urge you to choose a solicitor with care. You could investigate whether a solicitor was authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, look at how successful they’ve been in the past, or read reviews on independent websites. This could all help to give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen an appropriate lawyer. You could also call us, and we will speak to you about the solicitors we could connect you with.

Should I use a locally based lawyer to claim rape victim compensation?

Again, some people are under the misconception that you would need a locally based lawyer to make a claim. This is simply not the case. You could have the choice of any law firm or solicitor in the UK. As long as the solicitor you choose is registered in England and Wales to practise law, they could assist with your claim for compensation.

How much compensation do you get for rape in the UK?

How much compensation you get for rape in the UK would depend on a variety of factors. Whether you’re claiming against the CICA or the perpetrator, your compensation would depend on your injuries and their physical, psychological and financial effects on you. However, there are significant differences between cases against a perpetrator and the CICA. These include:

  • The CICA use a specific tariff to compensate you
  • CICA claims compensate you for the three most severe injuries you endured (but in certain instances, this could be more).
  • The loss of income claims differ between claims against perpetrators and the CICA
  • So too, do other special damages

We would be happy to talk to you about who you could claim against. We could help you find the most appropriate route to compensation.

Rape compensation – How long does the CICA take to decide on a claim?

This could vary, depending on whether there is further investigation required, over and above what is usual in such claims. We can see from the CICA Annual Report that they aim to decide upon cases within a specified time period. How they measure against their targets is illustrated below.

Graph illustrating the pace of CICA decision making

Would I have to go to court to get compensation after rape or other sexual assault?

Generally, compensation could be awarded out of court. If you are making a CICA claim and disagree with their decision, you could appeal.

Also, if you’re making a claim directly against the perpetrator, there may be instances where your case goes to court. However, this can depend on different factors. Call our team to find out more.

Are all rape compensation claims made via the CICA?

Not all rape compensation claims are made via the CICA. In some cases, a claim can be made directly against the perpetrator or another liable party that has failed to protect you. This could be your employer, for example, in some cases. It could also include the local authority or a school in other cases.

If you would like to determine who your claim could be against, please call our team. We would be glad to help you get the advice and support you need. We could also provide you with a solicitor. They could help you claim against the perpetrator, another liable party or CICA.

Would I get a higher level of rape compensation claiming against another liable party or via the criminal injury compensation authority? 

This is a difficult question to answer. We would need to assess your case to see who you could be eligible to claim against. If you make a criminal injury claim through the CICA, you would be compensated in accordance with the criminal injury compensation tariff.

In claims against other liable parties, compensation could be calculated differently. 

We would be happy to talk to you about your potential claim. Our team could give you the information you need to know about claiming. 

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Finally, thank you for reading our guide on rape victim compensation. We hope it’s answered your questions about rape compensation claims. Furthermore, we can explain how much compensation for rape victims is possible.