Accident Claims Solicitors Folkestone – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Folkestone Area

Accident claims solicitors Folkestone

Accident claims solicitors Folkestone

By Olivia Jones. Last updated 3rd September 2021. If you have been caused harm by someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. This might be for an illness contracted in the workplace or an injury caused (or worsened) by a breach in the duty of care owed to you by an employer, public body or private business. Whatever your situation, our panel of accident claims solicitors Folkestone could help.

You could even receive a settlement for damages suffered on the road, such as an M20 accident caused by the reckless driving of another road user, or for simply falling over in a shop due to a foreseen hazard.

Our accident claims solicitors are here to help ease the process of a compensation claim for you and your family. A specialist personal injury lawyer could help you receive the highest possible settlement for your injury or illness. It doesn’t matter if your accident occurred in Folkestone or anywhere else in the country, we have a panel of accident claims solicitors covering Folkestone even though we are not based there.

This guide has been created to provide important information when making a successful claim and to make the accident claims procedure simple and easy to process. The bottom of this guide will also touch upon the frequently asked questions our solicitors have encountered in their experiences.

When you decide you are ready to make a personal injury claim, contact our specialist team by calling us on 0800 0738 801.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Folkestone?

An accident claims solicitor is a legal specialist that pursues personal injury claims on behalf of victims who have suffered harm due to third party negligence. In acting as a professional guide to helping victims receive compensation from those responsible, a solicitor could provide a number of services to ensure the success of a case.

Generally speaking, an accident claim solicitor can lend a helping hand to clients across the country regardless of where they are based. For example, in order to increase the chances of conducting a successful claim:

  • They will assess whether your claim is valid and within the applicable accident claims time limit.
  • They will assist clients in collecting vital evidence to support their claims.
  • They could also provide you with an estimation of the potential settlement a claimant may receive with the use of a personal injury claims calculator.

Accident claims in Folkestone could be made for a diverse range of accident types. This guide will discuss some of the most common types of injury claims that our panel of solicitors could help people make claims for. These could vary from medical negligence to accidents at work and industrial diseases, with the total pay-out amount dependent on the severity of the suffering.

Claim For An Accident At Work

If you have suffered from an injury at work in the last 3 years, you may be entitled to make a claim for an accident at work. To ensure your case has valid grounds, you will need to provide evidence that the accident was caused by third-party negligence. This could be the fault of employers and managers who fail to uphold their duty of care or follow health and safety guidelines.

It is often the case that the result of an accident at work could present itself in a health form, such as a fracture, or as an illness or psychological harm. There are various guidelines and legislation that set out an employer’s responsibilities in detail to ensure a safe working environment is provided. Some of the most common grounds for accident claims include:

  • Dangerous job roles
  • Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) or failure to provide any entirely
  • Poor risk assessments
  • Unsatisfactory enforcement of safety procedures
  • Ill-maintained equipment
  • Spillages or weather hazards

A work-related accident in Folkestone could be detrimental to a person’s livelihood, which is why it’s important to seek the advice of a legal professional such as a personal injury lawyer. If you have been harmed due to an employer acting in a negligent way, you could speak to an injury lawyer from our team.

Rates Of Injuries At Work In Folkestone

There are a variety of different ways in which a person can be injured in the workplace and to various extents of severity. In the UK 69,208 non-fatal injuries to employees were reported by employers in 2018/19, according to a report by the Health and Safety Executive released in 2018/19.

In providing a clearer picture of the rate of injuries at work in Folkestone and Hythe, we have created the table below to clearly demonstrate how many fatal and non-fatal injuries occur within the Kent area. This will also include the total number of non-fatal injuries per 100,000 workers.

Folkestone and Hythe 85 207 0

You can find more information about these statistics, along with additional statistics for other areas in the country, in a PDF guide produced by the Health and Safety Executive.

Folkestone Traffic Accident And Car Accident Claims

Unfortunately, while our country’s roads are generally safe to travel on, traffic accidents occur far too often. A person can be injured through no fault of their own as a driver, passenger or pedestrian. If you have suffered from a car accident in Folkestone that was caused by a negligent driver, you could be entitled to compensation.

This area could encompass a range of different accident types, such as a whiplash claim from a lorry accident or a spinal injury from a motorcycle crash.

A personal injury lawyer from our specialist team could help you claim compensation for any injuries that you have suffered due to third party negligence. There are a number of steps you should take immediately after a crash, including contacting the police and gathering the contact details of those involved.

In our guide to road traffic accidents, we discuss the steps you may need to take if you have been involved in a car accident. However, if you are looking for more personal advice, you can speak to one of our accident claims solicitors covering Folkestone by calling us on the number at the top of this guide.

Trip And Fall Compensation

As one of the most common ways in which people are injured in the UK, a trip or fall could lead to severe injuries, such as head injuries, back injuries, fractures or even paralysis in severe cases. These types of accidents could be caused by multiple factors, such as a negligent employer or even pavements that are ill-maintained by the local authority. In such cases where defective pavements have not been properly maintained, a person could trip over and become injured through no fault of their own.

In addition to this, other types of causes that could be valid grounds for a slip, trip or fall compensation claim include:


  • Loose cables/wires
  • Defective pavements
  • Loose flooring/mats/carpets
  • Debris
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Unexpected obstacles


  • Liquid spilt on floors
  • Weather hazards
  • Ice and snow on surfaces
  • Oily/wet surfaces

To make a personal injury claim for a slip, trip or fall accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, contact our accident claims solicitors today.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

For victims of criminal assault, the aftermath can be distressing. However, an important step that you may benefit from is reporting the incident as soon as possible and following professional guidelines to claim a settlement for your damages.

Whether your injuries are physical or psychological, our accident claims solicitors covering Folkestone could help you bring a compensation claim forward. In circumstances where a criminal injury presents itself as psychological trauma such as PTSD, the accident claims time limit begins from the moment you were diagnosed.

Compensation for a blameless victim of a violent crime could be awarded through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Accidents In Public Spaces And Places

Whether you are out and about in the local park, a leisure centre, a private car park or spending the day in a shopping centre, the third party responsible for the site has a duty of care to ensure your safety at all times. This precaution applies to private sectors and public bodies, such as councils or local authorities, providing the space can be entered as a member of the public.

We have accident claims solicitors covering Folkestone who could handle a wide range of accidents, including:

  • Accidents in supermarkets
  • Injuries in sports facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms or horse riding injuries.
  • Child accidents at school
  • Poorly maintained parks e.g. defective swing sets.

If the third party responsible for the space in question breaches their duty of care to you, there could be grounds to claim accident compensation. By making a claim with one of our accident claims solicitors, you could be successful in receiving compensation to support your recovery and help you access the rehabilitation you need.

To make a Folkestone accident claim, contact us today.

Medical And Clinical Malpractice

A medical negligence claim occurs when a patient is provided with substandard care during their treatment due to the negligence of a medical professional which causes unnecessary suffering. These types of claims can be made for negligence in a variety of facilities, including dental practices, hospitals or accident and emergency departments.

You could receive compensation for a variety of injuries in a range of healthcare sectors if they are due to medical malpractice. Some of these may include:

Dental negligence:

  • Damage to healthy teeth/gums
  • Delayed diagnosis in oral diseases
  • Avoidable damage during tooth extraction
  • Cosmetic errors

Avoidable birth injuries:

  • Spine injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Failure to recognise symptoms
  • Permanent psychological injuries

Nursing home negligence:

  • Bedsores
  • Fractures
  • Malnutrition
  • Psychological injuries

Surgical negligence:

  • Wrong-site surgery
  • ‘Never events’
  • Foreign objects left behind post-surgery
  • Damage to organs

For accident claims advice about the process of medical negligence claims, contact our panel of solicitors.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Folkestone

A No Win No Fee agreement, sometimes referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), is an agreement commonly used by accident claim solicitors. This Agreement simply states that the legal fees of a solicitor will be settled by the claimant providing the case is successful. In unfortunate circumstances where the legal case is unsuccessful, the client will not be responsible for their solicitor’s fees.

The majority of clients may find this type of agreement beneficial as it removes the financial worries of beginning a claim. When you begin your claim, you and your chosen no win no fee solicitor will agree on what percentage of the compensation pay-out will be left aside to cover the final costs.

Contacting Our Team

When you decide that you are ready to make a claim for accident compensation, our team will be waiting to take your call. As our lines are open 24/7, an expert accident claim advisor will be ready to advise you.

To begin your claim, call our team on the number at the top of this page or complete a contact form to get a call back.

Accident Claims FAQs

In this section, we will look at some of the most frequently asked questions which clients may have when making a claim with our accident claims advisors.

Are My Injuries Eligible For Compensation?

One call with our advisors will let you know if you are eligible for a claim. An expert from our panel could provide you with free, impartial legal advice about how to make accident claims in Folkestone, along with guiding you through the accident claims process and answering any questions you may have along the way.

How is compensation calculated?

Compensation for personal injury is calculated with two heads of damage in mind: general damages and special damages. The first, general damages, take into account any physical or psychological injuries that you may have suffered. In order to calculate compensation for general damages, you’ll need to undergo a medical assessment with an independent expert. This way, the severity of your suffering can be verified and help evidence your claim. The second head of damage, special damages, take into account any financial losses or costs incurred as a result of your injuries. In order to calculate compensation for special damages, you’ll need to retain any receipts or other such invoices for expenses that you want to recover, such as medical fees or care costs. If you’ve incurred financial losses, such as a loss of earnings, this can be proven using bank statements and supporting statements from your employer.

Are there time limits for making personal injury claims?

Yes, there are time limits for making personal injury claims. If these are not adhered to, you could be unable to claim as you would no longer be eligible for compensation if the time limit has already expired. If you’re wondering how long this time limit is, it’s typically 3 years from the date that you had your accident. In some cases, the time limit may be effective from the date that you realised you suffered because a third party failed to uphold their duty of care to you. If you’re wondering how long you have left to claim for your suffering, why not speak to one of our specialist advisors today?

Can I make a claim on behalf of my child?

If someone is unable to make a claim for themselves, they could have someone claim on their behalf. This role is referred to as a litigation friend and there are a few reasons why one may be required. For example, if a loved one is injured in an accident that left them mentally incapacitated, you could be able to make legal proceedings on their behalf. Similarly, if your child is entitled to claim compensation but hasn’t yet reached the legal age to claim, you could either act as their litigation friend or wait until they come of age when they can then claim for themselves.

Does It Make A Difference To My Claim If I Don’t Use A Local Solicitor?

A while ago, it may have been necessary to use solicitors in your local area, but now you are no longer obliged to limit yourself to legal services in Folkestone. With so many different forms of communication, there’s no need to meet with your accident claims solicitor in person. In most cases, a lawyer will contact you via phone, email or through the post.

Do I Have To Visit A Doctor For A Check-Up?

A vital piece of evidence in your accident claim could be a medical report produced by a medical professional. This impartial assessment will detail the extent of your injuries and how your life has been impacted as a result. It will also detail what treatment you may require and your future prognosis.

Where May This Check-Up Be?

We work with a panel of doctors across the country who can carry out your medical examination locally. For example:

Raneesh Mahandru
Tuppence House,
Brickfield Farm,
Main Road,

Folkestone Area Resources

If you are looking for further information about accident claims, you may find this section of the guide beneficial.

Thank you for reading our guide on how our panel of accident claims solicitors Folkestone could help you.

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