Accident Claims Solicitors Rugby – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Rugby Area

Accident claims solicitors Rugby

Accident claims solicitors Rugby

By Olivia Huddle. Last updated 13th September 2021. Our panel of accident claims solicitors Rugby could assist you in a variety of different circumstances.

Accidents can befall us at any time and at any place. Sometimes they may have been our own fault and at other times they may have been the responsibility of another person. If you have suffered an injury or have become sick because of the way in which another person acted towards you, such as someone driving in a dangerous fashion, you could make a personal injury claim. There are criteria that your claim will need to meet in order for you to make an accident claim, some of which we shall look at later in this guide.

If you are looking to make Rugby accident claims although we here at Accident Claims UK are not based in Rugby we can cover the area with ease to handle a range of personal injury claims. To discuss whether we could help you, please contact us today. If you are on a mobile device you can click here to start your call at 0800 073 8801 or use the additional methods at the bottom of this guide.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Rugby, Warwickshire?

The simplest way to answer this question is to say that they are solicitors who specialise in personal injury law. Such solicitors work to help people claim compensation if they have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else. Often working through no win no fee agreements, they could help you if you can meet certain criteria.

Criteria to claim compensation

Before we did mention that there is a criterion which you need to meet in order to make accident claims in Rugby or anywhere in the country. These criteria include:

  1. That you were avoidably injured or unnecessarily made ill.
  2. That someone else was at fault who owed you a duty of care in which was breached.
  3. That the accident took place in the last three years. There are exceptions to this last part.

Below we look at some of the circumstances in which accident claims solicitors covering Rugby could help you.

Accidents In The Workplace

You may be self-employed, work for an agency, be employed by a large multi-national company or work for a small business, however you are employed, if injured in an accident in the workplace caused through negligence you could make a compensation claim. All employers are responsible for making sure that you are kept safe and free from harm wherever possible when you are at work and carrying out your duties. This responsibility extends from your usual workplace to other places which you are sent to. It may even cover work related transport if you are required to use a mode of transport by your employer – such as a work provided bus.

All employers have to take ‘reasonable’ steps to make sure that you are safe, such as providing adequate personal protective equipment. If they have not done so, and if their failure resulted in you being harmed, you may be able to make an accident at work claim.

Injuries At Work Statistics – Rugby

Today there are as many as 1.4 million people across the country who are suffering the effects of an illness due to their workplace. This is according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive and which you can find in the resources at the bottom of this guide.

With that number of people suffering from the effects of accidents at work across the UK, it may be interesting to see how many people in the Rugby area have been injured at work. In this table we use data from the RIDREG (source).

Location Total – non fatal injuries 2018/19 Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers 2018/19 Fatal injuries 2018/19
Rugby 136 319 1

Traffic Collisions And Road Accidents

Those who have been injured in accidents on the road which were not their fault could be entitled to claim compensation. You could have been travelling as a passenger, have been a driver or even have been a pedestrian. How you were travelling should not affect your ability to make a personal injury claim, as long as another road user was fully or partially responsible for the accident taking place.

You are not limited to making a claim for a car accident or for whiplash. Other road accidents in Rugby which you could claim compensation for may include motorbike accidents or motorcycle crashes. We could even help if you were injured whilst travelling on public transport, such as a bus accident.

Trip, Fall, Slip Accidents

Trips, falls and slips are some of the most common ways in which people are injured at work, when shopping, or walking down the street. Tripping over could be caused by a brief lapse in concentration. In such cases it is unlikely you could claim compensation. However, if you slipped over because of a circumstance such as a spillage being left in a restaurant or a damaged pavement not having been repaired you could possibly have grounds to seek compensation.

You may be able to claim compensation in such circumstances if it could be shown that another party was responsible for the accident being able to take place, such as by having neither cleaned up the spillage nor placed a sign to warn people. To make a claim for fall compensation, please contact us for additional accident claims advice.

Criminal Injuries And Assaults

When looking at claims for accidents in Rugby, Warwickshire, you are not strictly limited to claiming for accidents. You may also be able to claim compensation if you are the victim of a criminal injury. You may have been harmed in an assault, have been the victim of abuse or could even have been witness to a close relative being assaulted.

Criminal injury claims have a shorter period in which they can be made. This is two years, compared to the standard accident claims time limit of three years. There are exceptions in both so please call our team to find out more.

Accidents In Public Places

Have you been injured in a public place accident in Rugby? You could have been injured by tripping over in the street, have been injured in a public park or have been hurt in a shop. If you were harmed in an accident that happened in a space where you can freely come and go as a member of the public, and the accident could have been prevented you may be able to claim compensation.

You will need to show that the person or party who is responsible for maintaining the space failed to do so and that your accident was allowed to happen. An example of this may be the failure of a council to repair a broken pavement or it could be the operator of a shopping centre not repairing a broken handrail which could cause an accident.

Medical Malpractice & Clinical Negligence

Standards of medical care are very high in the UK and whether under the care of the NHS or the private sector it is unlikely that you will be the victim of medical negligence or clinical negligence. However, in a (relatively) small number of instances healthcare may fall short of expected standards. In such cases mistakes that could have been avoided may be made by medical practitioners and patients may be harmed.

A patient affected by medical negligence may experience an injury, could contract an illness or may find that a condition which they already had is exacerbated or that their period of recovery is extended. In such instances you may find your period of recovery is longer, treatment more invasive or that a condition is no longer treatable – such as in the case of the misdiagnosis of cancer.

You can see further accident claims advice with regard to medical negligence claims on our website.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Rugby

A common concern shared between those making an accident claim is how much it may cost them to do. People may be worried about how much it could cost just to get in contact with a solicitor and gain advice. They may also be worried about how they will pay for ongoing solicitors services. This is why we are happy that many claims made through our team are done so with no win no fee solicitors. This can make it easier for you to be able to start a claim as you will not be asked to make payments towards your solicitor’s fees until the claim has been a success.

To learn more about how you could benefit from the services of a no win no fee solicitor, please contact our team.

Talk To Our Specialists In Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a road accident in Rugby, been harmed by clinical negligence or tripped over a defective pavement we are here to help. To talk to us about what happened to you and to see if you could make a personal injury claim contact our personal injury solicitors today.

You could contact us by using the phone number listed above. Alternatively, simply fill in the contact form to the top right of this page and request a call back, or send an email to our team at setting out what accident you had and how you were harmed.

Our accident claims solicitors have helped people across the country and are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

If you are considering contacting our team for accident claims advice or to find out whether an accident claims solicitor could help you, you may have some questions. Some questions are frequently asked of our team and so we have provided the answers to these below.

Could I Claim Without A Solicitor?

We are sometimes asked if you could claim compensation for an injury without using an accident claims solicitor. From a legal point of view, there is no specific requirement or obligation for you to use a solicitor when making a claim. You could make a personal injury claim without finding a solicitor to conduct your claim.

However, without a solicitor, you may not have the legal experience and the specialist knowledge to make sure that you have the best possible settlement that you may be entitled to. Without a solicitor, you may not know how much to claim for or even how to go about doing so. Claiming with a personal injury solicitor could mean that you have the best chance to make a successful claim.

Is there a time limit for making a personal injury claim?

Yes, in most cases, there is a time limit for making a personal injury claim. If you attempt to begin your claim after the time limit has expired, you may not be eligible for compensation anymore, regardless of whether you once had valid grounds to claim. In general, this time limit is up to 3 years from the date of your accident. However, there are some circumstances in which exceptions to this 3-year limitation period can be made. For example, if you only acquired knowledge that you suffered as a result of third-party negligence after this time limit had already expired, you may still be able to claim. Similarly, if you’re unable to claim within this time limit (for example, because you’re mentally incapacitated), then the time limit will freeze until you regain the ability to claim.

Can I claim on behalf of my child?

If your child was injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault and it’s clear that third-party negligence was to blame, they could have grounds to seek personal injury compensation. However, if they’re under 18, they won’t be able to make a claim until they come of age. In such cases, you may find yourself having to pay out of pocket for costs related to their injury, such as medical expenses. Similarly, they may have suffered a loss of earnings as a result of having to take time off work to recover, affecting your household’s income.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may wish to make a claim on their behalf, which is legally referred to as acting as their litigation friend. As your child’s litigation friend, you could make legal proceedings to seek their compensation, securing a payout on their behalf. This could allow you to cover any unexpected costs associated with your child’s injury and the rest could be put away for them to access once they turn 18.

Is Location Important When Choosing A Solicitor?

Prioritising finding a solicitor who is based in your area may preclude you from being able to have the best possible personal injury lawyer. Having a solicitor based elsewhere in the country is not likely to impact your claim and in most instances, you will not need to meet the solicitor in person. Our panel of accident claims solicitors can help people who are located throughout the country.

Will I Be Asked To Be Medically Assessed?

Our accident claims solicitors covering Rugby use a panel of medical experts who are able to carry out medical assessments and examinations. These are necessary because personal injury claims require evidence of your injury. The more evidence we have the better your chances of winning your claim and of securing a higher amount of compensation. If you make an accident claim in Rugby through our team, it is therefore likely that you will be asked to visit one of our panel of medical experts.

Where May This Medical Assessment Take Place?

We work with medical experts who are based across the country. With their help, we will always aim to make sure that your medical assessment will take place as close to you as possible. We have included examples of medical experts covering this area below.

Mark Innes Burgin
Central Chiropractic Clinic,
12 Park Road,

Mohammed Ahmad
The Coventry Physiofirst Centre,
172 Ansty Road,

Sohail Rehman
Cheylesmore Physiotherapy,
60 The Park Paling,

Please note: your medical assessment may be carried out either at a different location or by a different expert.

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Thank you for reading our guide on how to use the services of our panel of accident claims solicitors Rugby.

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