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Accident claims solicitors Trowbridge

Accident claims solicitors Trowbridge

Have you picked up an injury in an accident that was not caused by you, and the accident happened due to someone else’s actions or negligence? Could you have cause to launch accident claims in Trowbridge? This is what we aim to cover in this guide. Here at Accident Claims UK, we could provide accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge to help you begin a claim for compensation, and we also provide free accident claims advice and support to those looking into whether they could claim for an accident of this nature.

So, let’s take a look at the reasons you could have a personal injury claim.

A variety of people could be held responsible for your health and safety while you are performing certain tasks or in certain places. For example, while you are in hospital, it is the healthcare professionals’ responsibility to ensure that certain standards of care are kept. If they are not, and negligence by a healthcare professional occurs, causing you further ill-health or injury, you could potentially have a claim for medical negligence. Similarly, your employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment for you to do your job safely in. If they fail to provide this, and you have an accident or develop an industrial illness, then again, you could have cause to claim accident compensation.

These are just a couple of examples, but we cover more in the sections below. We also show you why choosing a no win no fee solicitor could be a good choice, and explain about the accident claims time limit and how our panel of accident claims solicitors could assist you with accident claims in Trowbridge. Call 0800 073 8801 if you’re ready now to begin a claim, or read on to find useful guidance on discovering whether a claim could be possible and how to go about making one.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Trowbridge?

There are a variety of different types of personal injury solicitors, and finding one that specialises in the area of law you’re considering taking action in could prove almost invaluable. If you are looking at buying or selling property, then a conveyancing lawyer would be the obvious choice, whereas when it comes to choosing a personal injury lawyer, the decision on who to choose for your personal injury claim could be more complex. This is because there are so many different reasons that people could look at making accident claims in Trowbridge. If you wanted to make a claim concerning clinical negligence, then it could be wise looking for an accident claim solicitor that has handled many cases of medical negligence before. If you are looking into making workplace accident claims, you may wish to use a solicitor who has vast experience in workplace injury cases.

So, in the below sections, let us take a look at the different types of accident claims in more detail, providing accident claims advice on how to work out whether you could have a claim, and any other details you may wish to know before you go about finding accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge to assist you.

Traffic Accident And Road Accident Compensation

Traffic accidents could happen in a number of different ways, but if you’ve been involved in one that was not your fault, and have obtained injuries because of the accident, then you could look into making road accident claims in Trowbridge. No matter whether you were in a car, a van, a lorry, a bus, a taxi or on a motorbike, pushbike or on foot, if someone else caused an accident on the road that left you injured, you could consider finding accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge to help you claim compensation not only for the injuries and the pain you’ve been caused, but also for any monetary costs that have arisen directly because of the road accident.

Injuries from a car accident, whether it’s an A361 accident, a lorry accident or any other traffic accident could vary. You may be left with a whiplash injury, which could be relatively minor, or you could end up with life-altering injuries. The rules for claiming still apply no matter how minor or severe your injuries were. In the case of a fatal accident, if a loved one you depended on financially has been killed, you could consider making accident claims in Trowbridge to compensate you for the emotional and financial costs of losing your loved one.

Tripping And Slipping Accident Compensation

Falls, slips and trips could range in severity from the very minor, causing at worst bruising and grazes to those that could result in life-altering injuries, or even death. If you have been injured in some sort of trip, slip or fall, then working out who could be liable for your claim would largely dependent on where you were when the accident took place and who had responsibility for the area that you had the accident in. For example, if you fell from a ladder at work and the accident happened because your employer had not given you the right ladder to use for the job, you could be taking action against your employer. However, if you fell from a balcony in a shopping centre because it was loose, the shopping centre owner or operator could be deemed at fault. Simply put, if someone has responsibility for your safety, such as your employer, an operator or owner of a place you visit as a member of the public, or the council (for pavement and some public areas) and they fail to make these safe, and you suffer a fall, trip or slip there causing injury, you might have cause to launch an accident claim.

Personal Injury Claims For At Work Accidents

Whatever job you do, you could expect that you would be able to perform your working tasks safely. Whether you work in an office, on a building site, on the roads or in a shop, your employer is required, legally, to ensure that your safety and health is not put at undue risk. This is why they should risk assess the tasks you do and the area you do those tasks in. If your employer does not take steps to reduce risks to your safety and health in the workplace, and you pick up an injury or illness, then your employer could be liable for work accident claims in Trowbridge.

It isn’t just accidents at work that happen once that could lead to a personal injury claim at work, however. There are many other reasons to make a personal injury claim at work. In fact, there is a long list of known industrial illnesses, that, if contracted due to an employer’s negligence, could result in accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge lodging claims on your behalf. These could include musculoskeletal conditions that appear over time, industrial deafness, tendonitis, RSI, asbestosis and more. To find out whether you could make a claim for this type of industrial condition, simply call our advice line and we’ll help decipher whether your employer could be at fault.

Reported Injuries At Work In Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Statistics from the HSE detail the number of injuries reported between 2013/14 and 2017/18. You can see these below.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries

Criminal Injuries Victim Compensation

Were you injured trying to stop someone committing a crime? Were you targeted for a violent attack? Did you witness a violent criminal act and it left you with emotional harm? You might assume that since a criminal caused your injuries that you could not make accident claims in Trowbridge, but this is not the case. You could use accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge to apply to CICA for criminal injuries victim compensation. Depending on when the incident occurred, you may need to act fairly quickly to do so, as the accident claims time limit could be shorter in many of these cases, at just 2 years from the date of the crime. However, cases of historical abuse could be considered in some cases outside of this time limit, so do check with us whether you could still have a claim. In addition, if you were lacking in physical or mental capacity at the time to make a claim, this may allow you an exception from the 2-year limit.

Compensation If Injured At A Public Place

If an injury at a public place occurs, and someone else is to blame, then you could consider making accident claims in Trowbridge. Whether tripping and slipping accidents happen at the public park, or you are injured in a rollercoaster accident at a theme park, your accident claim solicitors could help you work out whose responsibility the incident was and whether you could launch a claim. A public place, by definition, could be any place in which you could go as a member of the public, whether you are required to pay to enter or not. The liable party therefore could be anyone from the Local Council, to the owner/operator of the business you were in. These parties should all have public liability insurance, which should settle the compensation if your claim was successful.

Medical Malpractice And Negligence

Whether you suffered an injury from negligence at a hospitals’ accident and emergency, or you were negligently misdiagnosed by your GP, or you received negligent dental advice, all these parties have a duty towards your care and if they are deemed to be negligent and it causes you harm, you could consider accident claims in Trowbridge for medical negligence. Medical malpractice by doctors could include misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, and more, depending on the type of doctor you’ve seen, the nature of your illness and more. You could make NHS or private claims with our accident claims solicitors if you have suffered in this manner.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Trowbridge

We advise that you consider a no win no fee solicitor for accident claims in Trowbridge. This is because there are several benefits to doing so. These include:

  • No upfront fees to pay.
  • Reduced financial risk.
  • Your solicitor would be impacted by the result, so would likely fight for maximum compensation.
  • If you don’t win your case, then there would be no fee to pay you legal team.

To take advantage of these benefits, or to find out more about no win no fee, why not get in touch with the Accident Claims UK team. All of our accident claims solicitors covering Trowbridge work on this basis.

Contacting Our Team

Getting in touch with Accident Claims UK for advice and support could be the best decision you make today. Calling 0800 073 8801 puts you right through to one of our carefully selected advisors who could provide advice on whether your accident claims in Trowbridge could lead to compensation, and could even use a personal injury claims calculator to work out a rough estimate of what you could be looking at receiving. They will be transparent with you about the accident claims process and could also offer to provide you with an accident claim solicitor to assist with your claim. Other ways to get in touch include messaging, or filling out the contact form or live-chat boxes.

Answers To Common Questions

We take a look here at a few final questions on accident claims in Trowbridge.

How Could Accident Claims UK Help Me?

We like to think we could help any potential claimant, from offering honest, transparent advice which is free of any legal jargon, allowing you to completely understand your position and how we could help. Advice from Accident Claims UK is free, and you don’t need to be a client of ours to benefit from our advice. However, we have a panel of legal experts in personal injury law, and could provide you one of these great solicitors to handle your case if you wish.

Will A Local Solicitor Handle My Case?

Not necessarily. While you could search for solicitors near me, you could well be missing out on someone who has extensive experience in claims just like yours. As a nationwide service, we could match you with the most appropriate solicitor for the case you have.

Are Doctors Examinations Part Of The Claims Process?

When you launch a personal injury claim, you may be asked to see a medical expert that could be classed as independent who could look at your notes, examine you and issue a report that details your injury/ies or illness, any relevant medical information concerning your illness or injury and your prognosis. This could be used to work out your personal injury settlement.

Where Might I Have This Medical Exam?

We do work with doctors on a panel that work across the UK. You could, therefore, see a doctor near to you. Examples could include:

James Hampton

Walwyn Close, Twerton

Bath BA2 1ER

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