How To Claim If Injured In A Moped Accident

How Do You Claim Compensation If Injured In A Moped Accident?

injured in a moped accident

In this guide, we look at how to claim if you’re injured in a moped accident that wasn’t your fault.

Mopeds and scooters are a convenient way to travel. This is because mopeds can weave in and out of congested traffic. However, riding a moped or scooter is not without its risks. They’re amongst the vulnerable road users. This is, in part, because they do not have an outer shell to protect the rider or other safety features such as seatbelts.

Have you been injured in an accident that was not your fault? Then you may be eligible to make a scooter and moped injury claim for compensation. In this guide, we will explain how moped, scooter and motorbike accidents can happen. In addition, we explain how to claim compensation if you are injured in a scooter accident.

Accident Claims UK can help you if you wish to make a moped accident claim for compensation. We could connect you with our personal injury lawyers who could handle your claim. To find out if you can claim for scooter and moped injury compensation, contact us using the details below. Alternatively, read the rest of this guide to learn more.

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A Guide To Claims If Injured In A Moped Accident

In the UK, vehicle drivers have a duty of care towards other road users. This means that anyone who drives or rides a vehicle must do so safely. Drivers and riders must also maintain their vehicles to correct standards of safety.

What happens if a driver or rider causes an accident, injuring another road user?

The injured party could claim compensation against the party at fault. This means that if a rider is injured in a moped accident, they could claim compensation from the party responsible. Similarly, if a moped hits a road user, the rider could be held liable for injuries caused. Therefore the moped rider’s insurance would may have to pay the injured party compensation if they claim.

In this guide, we will answer questions you may have about making a moped accident claim. We have also included a motorbike accident compensation table to help you estimate how much compensation you could claim. Finally, we will explain how to make a scooter accident claim for compensation and what No Win No Fee is.

To learn more about claiming compensation for being knocked off your motorbike, make sure you contact Accident Claims UK to speak to an advisor. They’re available 24/7 and give free legal advice. What’s more, they could connect you with our solicitors if you have a favourable claim.

What Is A Moped Accident?

Mopeds, scooters and motorbikes are very similar vehicles. Therefore we will refer to these vehicles interchangeably in this guide.

What does a moped accident mean?

A moped accident is an unwanted incident involving a moped, which often results in injury. Sadly, people who ride mopeds, scooters and motorbikes are more vulnerable road users than people who travel in cars or vans.

How do moped accidents happen?

A moped could collide with another vehicle or be hit by a scooter. What’s more, poor conditions can cause a moped to come off the road or collide with another vehicle. A moped accident can also happen if a moped hits a cyclist or pedestrian. Moped accidents can result in critical, life-changing or fatal injuries. Injuries suffered can include head injuries and brain injuries, amongst other types.

Moped Accident Statistics

As we have mentioned, moped, scooter, and motorbike riders are more vulnerable on the roads than people who use cars. In fact, analysis by road safety charity Brake found that road users on two wheels were 34 times more likely to be killed on British roads compared to car drivers.

Moreover, they are 63 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured, per mile travelled, than people driving cars. The charity also pointed out that 2 out of 3 bike deaths happen on rural roads.

What is the rate of moped related deaths in Great Britain?

Statistics from the European Union state that there are 0.4. moped deaths per million inhabitants in Great Britain. Compared to many of our European neighbours, the rate of moped deaths is comparatively low.  For example, the rate of moped deaths in Spain is 7.2 per million inhabitants.

Therefore, because two-wheel vehicle riders are so vulnerable, drivers should show extreme caution. Brake has some helpful advice for being bike aware to avoid accidents.


The Highway Code For Mopeds And Scooters

Moped riders should follow The Highway Code. To ride a moped on public roads, riders need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT). After that, moped riders can ride on the roads with an L plate for up to two years.

To gain a full motorbike licence, riders must pass a practical test and a theory test within two years. The rules above also apply to scooter and motorbike riders.

The Highway Code states that mopeds and scooters should do the following:

  • Firstly, only carry a pillion passenger if they have a full licence.
  • Secondly, wear fluorescent clothing to be more visible to drivers.
  • And finally, practice safe driving techniques when manoeuvring.

All road users should show a standard level of care and skill when using the roads to avoid accidents and injuries.

How Could A Moped Accident Cause Injuries?

Unfortunately, people who are injured in moped accidents are often seriously hurt. Now we will look at some examples of common scooter-related injuries.

  • Road rash. A road rash injury is a type of skin abrasion wound. It can happen if a rider comes off their bike and the road scrapes their skin.
  • Head injuries. Head injuries can happen if the rider collides with the road or another vehicle. Wearing a helmet can protect against head injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. A severe traumatic brain injury can result in the rider suffering permanent brain damage, slipping into a coma or it can be fatal.
  • Broken bones. Fractured bones can be incredibly painful. A broken bone injury can also take a long time to recover from, so it can be debilitating, depending on the location.
  • Spinal injuries. A spinal injury can include damage to the spinal cord. Spinal cord damage can result in permanent paralysis.

Can you claim scooter and moped injury compensation? You could if you have been injured in a moped accident that was not your fault.

Whiplash Injuries In A Moped Accident

A whiplash injury is a soft tissue injury that affects the neck, shoulders and upper back. Whiplash injuries happen when a forceful trauma or jolt pushes the head backwards and forwards beyond its normal motion range. As a result, the neck becomes strained.

Patients with whiplash may experience the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain.
  • Headaches.
  • Spasms in the arm and shoulder muscles.
  • A stiff neck and difficulty moving their head.

If a moped rider is involved in a rear-end collision, they can suffer whiplash injuries. This is because the force of the collision can push their head forward.

You may be eligible to make a scooter and moped injury claim if you have suffered whiplash on the roads due to an accident that wasn’t your fault. However, you should be aware of the recent Whiplash Reform Programme.

If your whiplash injuries were a product of a road traffic accident that occurred in England & Wales on or after 31 May 2021, and they’re ‘low-value’ you should be eligible to claim through this programme.

However, if you’re unsure, why not contact our advisors? They give free legal advice.

Common Moped Accidents

There are many mishaps that can cause moped accidents. Both moped riders and drivers alike have a responsibility to drive safely to avoid causing accidents. Let’s look at some potential causes of moped accidents below.

  • A rider or car driver was under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol whilst riding.
  • The moped rider or car driver was speeding.
  • The moped rider collided with debris in the road.
  • Moped accidents can happen if a car driver or rider is using their phone while riding, meaning they’re distracted.
  • An animal can stray onto the road and a moped rider can swerve to avoid it. This can cause a collision or the rider to come off the road.

What should you do if you are involved in a moped accident that wasn’t your fault?

Firstly please prioritise your safety and go to the hospital if you are seriously injured. Everything else can wait. However, after receiving treatment you can also collect evidence to support you, should you wish to make a personal injury claim.

For example, you can collect photographs of your injuries or the hazard that caused your injuries. Additionally, you can collect eyewitness contact details and find out if they have dashcam footage of the accident.

Contact Accident Claims UK today if you wish to claim compensation for being knocked off your motorbike and suffered injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault. We can connect you with our personal injury lawyers to handle your compensation claim. Your lawyer should be able to value your moped accident claim accurately and negotiate for compensation on your behalf.

Accidents Involving Mobility Scooters

According to the Department for Transport, there were 12 fatal mobility scooter accidents in 2019. Moreover, there were 49 serious mobility scooter accidents and 189 slight mobility scooter accidents.

How can people be injured in a mobility scooter accident?

A mobility scooter could tip if it hits an unmarked pothole on the pavement or road. Similarly, a loose paving slab could also cause a mobility scooter accident. Or a pedestrian can be hit by a mobility scooter if the rider makes an error. Moreover, a mechanical fault with the mobility scooter can cause an accident. Another road user, such as a car, could also collide with the mobility scooter.

Riders and pedestrians may be eligible to claim compensation if they have been injured in a mobility scooter accident that wasn’t their fault.

Calculating Compensation If Injured In A Moped Accident

You may be anxious to know how much compensation you could claim for a moped accident that wasn’t your fault. Because of this, we’ve included the below compensation table.

It doesn’t include any special damages you could receive. What’s more, how much compensation you receive may vary depending on the nature of your injuries.

The figures included in the table are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines. That’s a publication that solicitors may use to help them when valuing injuries.

Type And Severity Of InjuryComments On The InjurySettlement
Very Severe Brain DamageDamages awarded will depend on the claimant's degree of insight, their life expectancy, what degree of physical limitations they have, any sensory impairment, the degree to which they can communicate with others and the extent of any changes to behaviour. The settlement may also account for factors such as epilepsy. £264,650 to £379,100
Moderately Severe Brain DamageThe damages awarded will take the factors above into account. They can also account for things such as future blindness if sight has been affected. Cases where the person is left in a vegetative state may be included in this or the above category.£205,580 to £264,650
Moderate Brain Damage (i)Moderate is distinguished from moderately severe by the claimant having a markedly lower degree of dependence on other(s).£140,870 to £205,580
Less Severe Brain DamageWhilst not all prior function may have been restored, cases regarded as less severe are expected (or will have) to make a good recovery. Claimants should be able to continue with their social life and work.£14,380 to £40,410
Severe Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips (i)There may be extensive pelvic fractures. These could involve a dislocated lower back joint and/or a rupture of the bladder. It could also include a hip injury which results in spondylolisthesis in the lower back.£73,580 to £122,860
Severe Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips (ii)At this level the injuries may be very similar to those in the category above. They would be considered a little lesser than the category above.£58,100 to £73,580
Moderate Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips (i)Where there are significant pelvic or hip injuries. The person should not be left with a significant permanent disability as a result of the injury.£24,950 to £36,770
Wrist Injuries (a)Wrist injuries that result in the person losing all function in their wrist. An arthrodesis will have been performed.£44,690 to £56,180
Wrist Injuries (b)A wrist injury which results in the person being left with a permanent significant disability. There will still be some useful movement.£22,990 to £36,770
Severe Knee Injuries (i)A serious knee injury includes where the joint has been disrupted. There could also be the development of osteoarthritis, damage to the ligaments and conditions which require long treatment processes. The person will experience loss of function in the knee and may experience considerable knee pain. £65,440 to £90,290
Moderate Knee Injuries (i)Moderate knee injuries could include tears to cartilage, dislocations or meniscus tears. These could result in there being in minor instability in the knee as well as weakness, wasting and the possibilities of future (mild) disabilities. £13,920 to £24,580
Moderate Knee Injuries (ii)Injuries similar to those in the bracket above, but not as serious and for shorter amounts of time. Up to £12,900

As part of the claims process, you would attend a medical assessment in order to prove that your injuries were a consequence of, or worsened by, an accident that wasn’t your fault. The assessment also helps establish the severity of your injuries.

An independent medical professional would assess your injuries and create a report. This report can be used to help value your injuries.

You may ask, “How much is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident?” This is a difficult question to answer, as individual circumstances can affect how much a claimant receives in compensation. However, our advisors offer free, accurate estimates of personal injury claims. Why not reach out?

What Special Damages Could You Claim For A Moped Accident?

What are the two types of damages for personal injury claims?

Personal injury claim payouts can include general damages and special damages.

General damages compensate the claimant for their psychological or physical injuries caused by the incident that wasn’t their fault. The injuries included in the compensation table in the section above are examples of general damages.

Special damages reimburse the claimant for any financial losses their injuries have caused them.

Special damages can include reimbursement for the following expenses caused by injuries:

  1. Loss of earnings if you took unpaid leave to recover.
  2. Medical expenses such as prescriptions.
  3. Home adaptation expenses if you suffered disabilities because of the accident.
  4. Travel expenses such as the cost of a bus to and from the hospital.

You would, however, need proof of these financial losses. For example, you could provide bank statements, travel tickets or receipts.

No Win No Fee Claims If Injured In A Moped Accident

Many people who claim compensation feel reluctant to pay an upfront solicitor’s fee. Our solicitors give you the option to fund their services with a No Win No Fee agreement.

Essentially, the personal injury solicitor will start working on the claim without charging you an upfront solicitor’s fee. Instead, the solicitor would charge a success fee if the claim is successful. If the claim isn’t successful, there is no success fee to pay.

Why do some claimants prefer to make a No Win No Fee Claim?

  • Firstly, there is a reduced financial risk involving the funding of the services of a solicitor. This is because the success fee is only payable if the solicitor wins the claim.
  • Secondly, you may find it the more affordable option, as there is no upfront or ongoing solicitor’s fee to pay. Instead, the success fee will be deducted from the compensation payout.
  • The success fee is capped by law and is a small percentage. It’s only taken after the compensation comes through.

Contact Accident Claims UK to see if your claim can be made using a No Win No Fee agreement.

Why Choose Us If Injured In A Moped Accident?

What can Accident Claims UK offer you, if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

  • Firstly, we can connect you with a skilled personal injury lawyer that has experience handling road accident claims.
  • Secondly, our solicitors can assess your claim thoroughly. And they can negotiate for the right amount of compensation.
  • Thirdly, our solicitors can work for you from anywhere in the country. That means you’re not limited to the services of solicitors in your local area.
  • Finally, our solicitors offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you’re able to start a claim, why not contact us through the methods below?

Start Your Claim

To see if you can begin your scooter and moped injury claim, please contact Accident Claims UK today. We can consult with you in-depth about your case and connect you with our solicitors if we can see that you are owed compensation.

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Essential Moped Claim References

You may find these guides helpful if you were injured in a moped accident or experienced another road traffic accident and wish to claim compensation for yourself or on behalf of someone.

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External Information

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Road Traffic Accident Claim FAQs

You may wish to know the answers to the following questions if you have been injured in a moped accident.

What does a moped accident mean?

A moped accident means that an unwanted, and sometimes injurious, incident has happened involving a moped. For example, a collision could occur between a moped and a car. A moped accident can cause serious injuries such as spinal damage.

How long after a car accident can you report an injury?

Road users are required to report road traffic accidents to the police if details aren’t exchanged at the scene or there are injuries. You have 24 hours to report it. You can report a car accident to the police in person at a police station or online.

What compensation will I get for a car accident injury?

You could claim compensation if you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault. If your claim is successful, you could receive general damages to compensate you for your injuries. You could also receive special damages to compensate you for any financial losses incurred.

Thank you for reading our guide exploring what you could do if you’re injured in a moped accident that wasn’t your fault. 

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