What Is My Bruised Ribs Injury Claim Worth?

A bruised ribs injury claim may be justified if you’ve suffered harm through no fault of your own.

A car accident or an accident at work can lead to bruised or fractured ribs. Likewise, a violent assault can cause similar injuries.

Bruised rib and fractured rib injuries can be incredibly painful. Most bruised rib injuries heal by themselves. However, because these bones protect vital organs, injuries can be life-threatening.

How To Calculate Bruised Ribs Injury Claims

What is my bruised ribs injury claim worth guide

What is my bruised ribs injury claim worth

If you have suffered a bruised rib injury that was not your fault, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Accident Claims can help you to make a bruised ribs injury claim.

Our personal injury solicitors have significant experience in this area and will push to win you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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A Guide On What Bruised Ribs Injury Claims May Be Worth

In this guide, we will explain how to make a bruised ribs injury claim. We will also answer any questions you may have about pursuing personal injury compensation, for example, “Can I claim before knowing how serious my injury is?” Or “What if the victim was a child?

We will also help you to estimate how much compensation you can claim for a bruised rib injury.

So contact us today to claim compensation for bruised ribs. We offer a free no-obligation consultation to anyone looking to make a claim. Our advisors will be happy to speak to you in-depth and offer you free advice.

What Is A Bruised Rib Injury?

Your ribs are the long curved bones that form the rib cage. The ribs facilitate the expansion of the lungs, allowing you to breathe. What’s more, the rib cage protects vital organs, including the heart and the lungs. A bruised rib injury is when one or more rib bones becomes bruised. Similarly, rib bones can become fractured or broken.

Rib bone injuries are painful but normally heal on their own. They usually take 3-6 weeks to heal. Bruised rib injuries cause pain because the lungs pressure the ribs when you breathe in.

Your doctors may prescribe painkillers as a form of treatment, but other than that, there isn’t much treatment that can be offered for such an injury, other than to rest and allow it to heal.

Symptoms Of Bruised Ribs

If you have bruised ribs or fractured ribs, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • You feel pain around the affected area. Moreover, the pain worsens as you breathe in.
  • If you have broken ribs or rib fractures, you may have heard or felt a crack when your injuries occurred.
  • The area around the affected rib is tender or swollen.
  • The skin around the rib is bruised.

This NHS guide has more information about bruised rib injuries. If you believe that you have bruised or fractured ribs, it’s advised that you visit your local hospital accident and emergency department as soon as possible.

You may feel like you have bruised ribs but experienced no accident to cause it.  You may be suffering from a condition called costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects your breastbone to your ribcage. Please speak to your doctor if you believe that you are suffering from costochondritis.

Common Causes Of Bruised Ribs

A traumatic accident is normally the cause of a bruised ribs injury. We will now look at some common causes.

Trips, Slips And Falls

If you slip and fall or trip and fall, landing on your chest or banging against an object, you can suffer a bruised ribs injury.

Causes of slips, trips and falls include:

  • If the pavement isn’t well maintained, leading to raised paving slabs, kerbs or protruding tree roots, trip and fall injuries can happen.
  • Likewise, wet floors in shops or restaurants can cause slipping accidents, especially if there are no warning signs on display.
  • Hazardous flooring such as broken floorboards can cause tripping accidents.
  • Loose wires and debris on the floor in workplaces can cause tripping accidents.
  • Poor lighting can also create trip hazards.

To prove negligence, it’s necessary to show that you were owed a duty of care by the likes of the controller of the shop or premises you were in, the local authority if the accident happened on the street, or your employer if it happened at work.

It’s then vital to show that the duty of care was breached, which as a result, led to you suffering an injury.

Car Crashes

Broken and bruised ribs injuries can also happen because of road traffic accidents. The impact of a car accident can cause a trauma that damages the ribs. An airbag can partially cushion the impact of a car accident. However, an airbag may not fully protect the driver or passenger from a rib injury.

Drivers owe a duty of care to all other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. So, if you have been injured in a road accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

We’re specialists in road traffic accident claims, so get in touch to learn more about your rights.

Accidents In The Workplace

Our employers owe us a duty of care when we are at work. They are responsible for ensuring that our workplace is safe and free of the risk of harm.

An employer can be held liable for an employee’s injuries if they breached their duty of care, such as failing to secure objects at risk of falling. Therefore if you can show that they breached their duty of care, you could make a bruised rib injury claim.

Causes of bruised rib injuries in the workplace can include:

  • A moving object strikes an employee.
  • A vehicle such as a forklift truck hits an employee in a warehouse.
  • Poor standards of health and safety cause a worker to fall down the stairs at work, such as cluttered walkways, bad lighting or faulty handrails.
  • An employee falls because of a trip hazard that was not removed or repaired.
  • Or an employee is assaulted at work. Workplace assaults can happen if employers don’t take adequate security precautions to protect their workers.

How Do Doctors Diagnose And Treat Bruised Ribs?

A doctor can sometimes diagnose bruised or fractured rib injuries simply by examining the injury. However, the doctor may use an x-ray or MRI scan if the injuries are complex.

In terms of treatment, doctors cannot support a bruised or fractured rib. A cast or a splint wouldn’t work to help broken ribs heal. Bruised ribs normally heal on their own within 3-6 weeks.

Broken ribs can be very painful, so doctors may prescribe painkiller medication to help patients cope. Whilst broken or bruised ribs are healing, the patient may experience mucus build-up in their lungs. The mucus build-up can cause a chest infection or in more serious cases, pneumonia.

If you have bruised ribs, you can do the following to help clear mucus from your lungs:

  • Cough to clear the mucus
  • Each hour take ten slow deep breaths to clear the mucus
  • Walk around and move your shoulders to help clear the mucus from your lungs
  • Sleep in a more upright position the first few nights of your injuries.

Severity And Complications

A bruised rib or rib fracture can lead to further complications. The ribs support vital organs such as the lungs and the heart. Therefore a bruised rib injury can lead to a punctured lung injury or damage to other vital organs such as the heart. These sorts of injuries can be life-threatening and require immediate medical treatment.

Unfortunately, bruised rib injuries can also lead to chest infections, including pneumonia. Antibiotics can treat chest infections. However, pneumonia can be life-threatening, especially if the patient is elderly or a vulnerable person. It’s recommended that you dial NHS 111 if you develop a high temperature or any other symptoms of pneumonia.

Who Could You Claim Against?

To make a successful bruised rib injury claim, your solicitor will have to prove the following.

  1. That you were in an environment where a third party owed you a duty of care, for example, you were at work or in a supermarket.
  2. That third party breached their duty of care.
  3. Finally, your lawyer will need to prove that your accident directly caused your bruised ribs injury.

Your lawyer will collect evidence to prove your accident happened, such as eyewitness statements, accident book reports and CCTV footage. Your injury lawyer will also use medical evidence such as doctor’s notes and the results of your medical assessment (conducted as part of the claim) to support your case.

How Do Bruised Ribs And Broken Ribs Differ?

Broken, fractured and bruised rib injuries are all similar. But broken ribs and rib fractures are usually more painful. What’s more, if the rib is broken, it will normally take longer to heal than if it is bruised.

Broken rib injuries are also more dangerous because they may puncture a vital organ. Therefore if you believe that you have a bruised or broken rib injury, please go to the hospital to be seen by a doctor immediately.

What Are Bruised Ribs Injury Claims Worth?

If you wish to seek compensation for a bruised rib injury, you may be curious to know how much compensation your claim could be worth. You can use the table below to estimate how much you could be owed.

This table relates to general damages only, which is just one aspect of compensation. We’ll cover special damages in the next section.

Category Of InjurySeverityPossible CompensationInjury Assessment
Chest Injury(a)£94,470 to £140,870The most serious forms of chest injury.
Chest Injury(b)£61,710 to £94,470Traumatic chest or lung injuries which could also cause injury to the heart. This could impair the function of the affected organs.
Chest Injury(c)£29,380 to £51,460Chest injury which causes damage and some disability.
Chest Injury(d)£11,820 to £16,860A simple injury which does not cause any longer-term damage.
Chest Injury(e)£5,000 to £11,820Injury which was caused by toxic fume inhalation.
Chest Injury(f)£2,060 to £5,000Chest injuries which cause collapsed lung(s). The person should make a full recovery.
Chest Injury(g)Up to £3,710Rib injuries (such as fractures) which cause serious pain as well as disability. The injury will last for a period of weeks.

The figures you can see are taken from the Judicial College’s guidelines. Your solicitor will use these to help value your claim.

Of course, how much compensation you can claim can vary on a case by case basis, so we recommend calling our claims helpline. An advisor can accurately estimate how much compensation you could be owed.

Calculating Compensation For A Bruised Ribs Injury Claim

If your bruised ribs injury claim is successful, you can receive up to two heads of claim. The first is general damages, which compensates you for the physical and psychological damage inflicted.

You may also receive a second type of compensation, known as special damages. This is paid to compensate you for any out of pocket expenses incurred by their injury. Special damages can include medical costs, like prescription fees, and travel costs if you paid out to get to appointments relating to your injury.

You can also recover any costs relating to care if you needed help around the house in the wake of your injury. You can also seek money for income lost due to the injury.

To learn more about what you can claim, please get in touch.

Make A Bruised Ribs Injury Claim With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

You may wish to fund your solicitor using a No Win No Fee agreement. A No Win No Fee claim is when you don’t pay your solicitor a fee before work begins on your claim. You also don’t pay any fees while the case progresses.

Instead, you will pay something called a success fee if your solicitor successfully settles your claim. However, your solicitor will not charge you any fees in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.

There are benefits to this arrangement. Firstly, you are not gambling with your finances because you will only be charged if you succeed. The deduction would be taken from your compensation award.

Secondly, No Win No Fee claims are the more affordable option for many people because there is no upfront or ongoing fees to pay.

You can read our online guide to making a No Win No Fee claim to find out more. Alternatively, please feel free to call our helpline. And an advisor will be happy to discuss the best method of claiming for you.

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We hope that this guide to making a bruised rib injury claim has been helpful. If you would like to learn more about making a personal injury claim, please feel free to read the resources below.

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FAQs On Bruised Injury Claims

We will now answer some questions about claiming compensation for a bruised rib injury.

What if the victim was a child?

If the victim of a bruised rib injury was a child, they could not claim compensation for themselves. However, a parent or guardian can act as a litigation friend and act on the child’s behalf to claim compensation.

Do I need to see a doctor to make a claim?

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you don’t need to see a doctor to claim first. However, doing so will make things much easier.

Can I claim before knowing how serious my injury is?

We recommend that if you have an injury that you first get medical treatment. This will confirm what injury you have and how serious it is, as well as you receiving treatment to get you back on your feet.

When do claims go to court?

The majority of compensation claims do not go to court. The claim will go to court if both parties cannot agree on a settlement.

Thank you for reading our guide to making a bruised ribs injury claim.