Dubai Holiday Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury In Dubai UAE?

By Danielle Griffin. Last Updated 3rd October 2022. Welcome to this guide on claiming for an accident on holiday in Dubai.

Dubai holiday accident claims guide accident on holiday in Dubai

Dubai holiday accident claims guide

This online guide provides advice and information for victims of a Dubai holiday accident, related to making a compensation claim for their injuries. We cover many of the legal implications of making a holiday accident claim, and also try to show how you could be eligible to claim in certain circumstances.

You might have questions that this guide doesn’t answer. We can still help in this case. Our claims team is available on 0800 073 8801. They can answer any questions you have, and also explain to you how we can provide you with a personal injury lawyer to process your personal injury claim for you.

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A Guide To UAE And Dubai Holiday Accident Claims

This online guide should provide you with enough information about the process of making a holiday accident claim, so that you can approach your own claim from a position of understanding. It covers why you may be eligible to make a claim, and who might be liable to pay you damages. As long as you are within the personal injury claims time limit this guide will be useful. We start this guide by giving a general overview of what a UAE & Dubai holiday accident is. We also take a look at some of the top resorts in Dubai.

The next part of this guide pertains to dealing with the incident while you are still overseas, and preparing to make your claim. We have listed a number of steps you could take if you are involved in an accident in Dubai, as well as information that will help you contact the emergency services. Finally, we go over some of the key differences in the laws that apply to tourists in Dubai.

The guide then moves on to cover some of the most common kinds of holiday claims. We go over the legal situation related to accidents that happen on a package holiday. We then cover hotel accident claims, slip, trip and fall claims, sport and activity accident claims, and road traffic accident claims.

The final part of this guide relates to the financial considerations of claiming for a holiday accident. You won’t find a personal injury claims calculator on this page. What you will find, is a table that provides you with a way to look up the amount of compensation you could be able to claim. Additionally, we have listed some of the most common kinds of damages that claimants receive. Lastly, we go over our main service offering, the way we can organise a solicitor to process your claim for you, in a way that will reduce the financial risks of doing so.

This guide may not answer all of your questions. If this turns out to be the case, please take a few minutes to talk to our claims team on the phone number at the end of the page. They will be able to give you any answers you need, and explain how our service works.

What Is A UAE And Dubai Holiday Accident

In this section, we are going to give a general overview of what a UAE holiday accident is, and why you could be eligible to claim if you are injured in one. Dubai is a growing tourist destination, becoming more popular with UK tourists. Most people go on holiday and return safely having had a great time. For some, their dream holiday becomes a nightmare due to being injured in an accident while they are overseas.

Any time you are injured in Dubai in an accident that wasn’t your fault, if a third party was to blame for causing the accident, you could have the basis of a compensation claim. The accident can occur at any time, and in any place. In your hotel, while you are enjoying water sports on the beach, while you are travelling on the airport shuttle, while you are out dining in a restaurant, etc.

The key takeaway here is that as long as you can prove a third party caused you harm, you could have a valid claim. You may have contributed to the accident yourself. In this case, the defendant would agree on a reduced level of liability, and the compensation you receive will be driven by this.

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Steps To Take If Involved In A Dubai Holiday Accident

For people who have been injured in an accident in Dubai, and who intend making personal injury claims when they return to the UK, the steps below will help them both deal with the emergency while on holiday, and ensure they are prepared to make their claim on their return to the UK.

  • Report the accident or onset of illness to the local representative of the tour operator
  • Report the incident to the relevant authorities such as the police, if applicable
  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident
  • Gather the contact details of witnesses to the accident
  • Contact your travel or health insurance provider to let them know you may need assistance
  • Visit a hospital or clinic to have your injuries treated.

These steps all have a dual purpose. Firstly, to ensure you get the help you need when you need it, and secondly, to leave a document trail of your injuries and the accident that caused them.

How To Contact The Emergency Services In Dubai

If you or a member of your party, suffer a UAE holiday injury while overseas, you need to be able to contact the emergency services. Dubai doesn’t offer a unified number for this, you will need to use the individual number related to the emergency service you need, and these are:

  • Call 999 to contact the police
  • Call 998 to call an ambulance
  • Call 997 in the event of a fire
  • Call 996 to contact the coastguard

The operator will speak English, so you won’t need to worry about being understood when you call these numbers.

How To Access Medical Services In Dubai

If you suffer an injury in a Dubai accident, you need to understand that Dubai has no reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK. This means that you will have to pay for any medical treatment you receive, even emergency treatment.

Many hospitals will refuse to treat people who do not have a valid travel or health insurance policy that covers the cost of care. Others will only accept a patient who can prove they have the means to pay their medical bills. The best advice is to ensure you have adequate holiday medical insurance cover before you travel to Dubai.

Dubai Laws Applicable To Tourists

If you are injured in an accident in Dubai, and intend to claim against the third-party responsible for the accident, then you need to understand that the legal system in Dubai is very different to the legal system in the UK.

The primary difference is that the local courts follow Sharia law. This is a law based on the traditions of Islam. Furthermore, all court proceedings and court documents are in Arabic. You will need to use a translator. You must also submit your own documents in Arabic. It is also worth knowing that the time limit for making a claim in Dubai is two years, as opposed to three years in the UK. If you are unsure about the time limits in Dubai, please call one of our advisers today.

Dubai Holiday Accident Claims Our Team Could Handle

Our team can handle a wide range of holiday accident claims. We can also assist with claims for holiday illnesses such as food poisoning, and also less common claims such as being infested by bed bugs. Some of the common kinds of claims include:

  • Accidents that happen on a package holiday
  • Accidents that occur at a hotel in Dubai
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Accidents while enjoying sporting activities and excursions
  • A car accident in Dubai, or any other kind of road traffic accident

If the kind of accident you suffered was not listed above, don’t worry, we can still help you. Speak to one of our claim advisers and explain your situation, they will explain how we can be of assistance.

Dubai Package Holiday Accident Claims

Making a compensation claim for an injury sustained on a package holiday follows a slightly different process. A package holiday is any holiday which consists of two or more included features in one price. This could be plane flights, accommodation, food, excursions, etc.

In the UK, the Package Travel Regulations 1992 apply to all package holidays booked through a UK based travel vendor. If a holidaymaker is injured by the actions of one of the providers of an included feature of the holiday, then a claim is not made against the individual provider, it is made against the package holiday vendor in the UK. For example, if you are injured at a hotel in Dubai and the hotel was included in the price of your package holiday, you won’t claim against the hotel operator, you will claim against the company that sold you the package holiday.

If you are unsure whether your holiday would be classed as a package holiday, please speak to our claims team, they will let you know.

Accidents And Injuries At A Hotel In Dubai

If you are injured in an accident at a hotel in Dubai, and it can be proven that the hotel or one of its representatives caused the accident, you could be able to claim. For example:

  • You cut your foot on a broken tile in the hotel swimming pool
  • You are electrocuted by a faulty coffee maker in your hotel room
  • You come down with a food-related illness after eating from the breakfast buffet table at your hotel

All of these examples show how a hotel guest can be injured by the negligent acts of the hotel. In each case, it could have been possible for the victim to make a claim.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents In Dubai

Slips, trips and falls are a very common kind of accident, they can happen at any time and in any place. For example:

  • A swimming pool accident, due to water from the pool being bought inside the hotel, and causing a resident to slip
  • Torn carpets, cracked tiles and other floor coverings causing a trip
  • Damaged paving slabs, potholes, etc. in a hotel car park

If you are injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, then if you can prove a third party was to blame, a claim may exist. Talk to our claims team to learn more.

Sports And Activity Accidents

If you’ve been injured while participating in any water sport activities, your claim would be made against the operator of the water sporting activity. As part of a valid claim, you must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the operator’s negligence.

For example, if you were injured in a jet ski accident in Dubai due to faulty equipment, you must be able to prove that the operator acted negligently. They may have failed to carry out adequate equipment checks that would have identified safety issues. Additionally, they may have been aware that there was a problem with the jet ski but failed to take it out of use until repairs could be carried out.

You may also be injured by non-water sports and activities in Dubai.

Injury lawyers for you could help you gather evidence that could support your sporting accident in Dubai claim. Call our advisors to discuss your holiday sporting accident claim if you believe third party negligence caused your injuries.

Bus, Coach And Other Road Traffic Accidents

If a holidaymaker is involved in a road traffic accident in Dubai, if a third party caused to accident, then a claim could be possible. This relates to all kinds of road accidents, not only car crashes. It could be a bus accident or a coach crash in Dubai for example.

All road users have the right to try and claim for road traffic accident injuries, and this includes the driver of a vehicle and its passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, and even pedestrians. If you want to find out whether you have a valid Dubai road traffic accident claim, then please talk to one of our claim advisers who will evaluate your claim for you.

Compensation Claims Calculator

The table below will help you to find the possible range of compensation you could be able to claim for your injuries.

Type of Injury? How Severe? Compensation Information
Injured leg Moderate £27,760 to £39,200 Complex or multiple fractures and bad crush injuries. Damage to a single limb, with a risk of long-term impairment, once recovery is complete.
Injured arm Less severe £19,200 to £39,170 Where the victim is left with some level of disability after healing has taken place.
Injured back Moderate (i) £27,760 to £38,780 Injuries to the back such as crush injuries or compression injuries, as well as sprains and strains, alongside damage to the vertebrae and spinal nerves. Recovery will be good but with some permanent symptoms such as pain or loss of function.
Injured hand Less serious £14,450 to £29,000 As an example. a bad crush injury that results in impaired function even once corrective surgery has been tried.
Injured hand Moderate £5,720 to £13,280 Here we would include deep penetrating wounds, lacerations and crush injuries. Also included are all injuries that have been treated using surgery, but unsuccessfully. Injuries could have long-term implications that do not impair the victim in any way.
Injured elbow Moderate Up to £12,590 For example, tennis elbow and other elbow injuries. All simple fractures, lacerations and soft tissue injuries that will cause no permanent impairment.
Injured head/brain Minor £2,210 to £12,770 Head injuries that will display no or minimal brain damage. No ongoing symptoms once recovery is complete, with no measurable impact on cognitive ability.

For a more accurate estimate of the value of your claim, speak to one of our claim advisers. They can arrange for a lawyer to value it for you once you have undergone a medical examination.

Special Damages

If your claim is successful, you will receive a settlement that is made up of possibly a number of different kinds of damages, for different reasons, such as:

  • General damages – for pain and suffering:
    • Permanent afflictions and disabilities
    • Painful recuperation
    • Psychological injuries
    • Shock and trauma
    • Pain and suffering
  • Special damages – for ad-hoc and financial losses:
    • Lowered future prospects
    • Loss of earnings
    • The cost of care
    • Private medical fees
    • Travel costs

To find out the kinds of damages you could be able to claim as part of your own claim, speak to one of our claim advisers, who will be able to give you a general indication.

Could I Claim Using A Solicitor In The UK?

If you are injured overseas you can still use a UK based solicitor to process your claim for you. Indeed, dealing with a solicitor in Dubai would be somewhat problematic, due to the language barrier and the difference in time zones.

We can provide you with a solicitor that is able to pursue your claim against an overseas company, or in the case of a package holiday claim, against a travel company at home in the UK.

No Win No Fee Claims For Dubai Holiday Accidents

When you use our service, we will organise a lawyer to handle your claim for you, and they will do so under what is termed a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that you don’t have to pay any legal fees at all until you have won your claim.

There is no fee to start your claim, or while the lawyer is processing it. You also won’t pay a fee if the claim is unsuccessful. You pay your legal fees when the lawyer receives a compensation settlement for you. They will collect their fee from this money, and give you the rest. If you have questions about the way this agreement works, then please speak to one of our claim advisers today, they will be able to help you further.

Why Select Our Holiday Accident Claims Team?

We offer a very simple and streamlined new claims procedure, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Talk to our claims team on the number in the section below.
  2. Discuss your claim with a claim adviser, and have it evaluated.
  3. One of our accident and injury lawyers will process a claim for you.

These three easy to follow steps will get you all of the help you need to get your claim started.

Start Your Dubai Holiday Accident Claim Today

Have you been injured while you were on holiday in Dubai? Do you think a personal injury solicitor could be able to help you claim for the harm you have suffered? If so, please talk to a claim adviser on 0800 073 8801. When you contact them they will help you to get your claim underway today.

Essential References For Holidaymakers To Dubai And The UAE

This additional information and external links might be useful to you:

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Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992

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What evidence must I collect to claim for an accident on holiday in Dubai?

If you have had an accident on holiday in Dubai, you may be wondering what evidence could be useful in proving your claim. In general terms, evidence that could be useful could include:

  • Medical evidence-you’d need to attend an appointment with an independent medical expert. This could be arranged for you as part of your claim. When you attend the appointment, the expert would examine you and write a detailed report that confirmed your injuries, and the professionals opinion of your prognosis. This could be used to work out how much compensation you could be eligible for.
  • Accident evidence- you would need to prove that the accident had happened and that it had caused you injuries. Evidencing an accident may require evidence such as photographs of the scene. You could also obtain CCTV footage, in some cases. In addition to this, police reports and details of witnesses could all be important in helping you prove your claim.
  • Financial impact evidence- not only could you suffer physical and psychological impacts from an accident on holiday in Dubai. You could also incur financial costs or suffer losses. For example, if you are off work, you could lose out on income. You would need to evidence this to claim for it. Your pay slips or a bank statement could be useful in helping you do so. Evidencing all the costs such as care costs and medical expenses could be done by providing documents such as receipts and bills.

To find out what evidence could be appropriate in helping you claim, please contact our team. We would be happy to assess your case to see if we could help you.

Could I claim for a child who has had an accident on holiday in Dubai?

If your child has an accident that wasn’t that their fault on holiday in Dubai, you may be wondering whether there’s anything they could do about it. The law does not allow children to claim for their own injuries while they are under the age of 18. However, you could help them make a claim. You could act as their litigation friend, which is something that we could talk to you about over the phone. We would be happy to support you as you claim compensation for your child’s injuries. We could fight for the maximum compensation possible for their claim, and could support you throughout the process.

Thank you for reading this guide to making a claim for an accident on holiday in Dubai.