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Accident claims solicitors Gosport

Accident claims solicitors Gosport

A person who has suffered an injury, or psychological trauma, as a result of an accident that was caused by third party negligence at work, on the road, in public or as a result of medical negligence or a criminal assault could be entitled to receive a financial sum to compensate them, to cover expenses relating to medical treatment or lost working hours as well as any pain and suffering. Accident Claims UK has a panel of accident claims solicitors who can cover many areas of the UK, including covering accident claims in Gosport. If you have suffered an accident in the Gosport area and you have been looking for a solicitor to handle accident claims in Gosport, then you have come to the right place. Although we are not based in the local area our solicitors have the expertise to handle claims on a nationwide basis. You can read more about different types of accident claims, how our accident solicitors can help you and how to contact us in the article below. In each of the sections about different types of accident claims there is a link to a personal injury claims calculator, a chart that you can use to get an early idea of how much financial compensation you may be eligible to receive if your accident claim is successful.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Gosport?

We have a panel of accident claims solicitors covering most areas of the UK, including solicitors who can cover accident claims in Gosport. Solicitors do not have to be based in the area in order to represent claims for that specific place. Our accident claims solicitors are lawyers with up to thirty years of legal experience. They will take care of each stage of the accident claims process for you. They will first help you establish whether or not you have grounds for making a claim, for example by ascertaining whether or not you will be impacted by the accident claims time limit. They will put you in touch with a doctor for you to have a medical exam, and work to gather other forms of evidence to support your case and they will represent your case in court. They will keep you updated at every stage while the case Is ongoing.

Traffic, Road And Car Accidents In Gosport

If you have been in a car accident in Gosport, or any other kind of road traffic accident such as a bike accident or a motorcycle accident and you think that you can prove that another road user was responsible, then you could claim for road traffic accident compensation with our accident solicitors if you have suffered an injury. If you were in a car crash as either the driver or as a passenger in a vehicle, if you were a pedestrian who was hit by another road user, even if you were a driver involved in a cyclist accident caused by the cyclist and you suffered an injury then as long as someone else was responsible for the accident you could be eligible for accident compensation for any harm suffered. You can read more about road traffic accident claims and how our panel of accident solicitors can help you by reading through the information on this page of our website. There is also a page on whiplash injury claims.

Accidents And Injuries At Work

If you have been injured in a work accident in Gosport, and you think that it was caused by negligence on your employer’s part, then you could be eligible to make an accident claim and be awarded compensation. Negligence towards workplace safety by an employer may include; failing to perform risk assessments, failure to provide safety equipment, failure to provide safety training, failure to provide security measures resulting in staff suffering assaults and failure to ensure the safety of equipment and machinery used in the workplace. Our accident claims solicitors covering Gosport can handle workplace accident claims. If you would like to find out more about workplace accident claims and how we could help, follow this link to our website, or call our number at 0800 073 8801 .

Numbers Of Injuries Reported At Work In Gosport

Government statistics show that injuries at work have fallen by a third over the past thirty years. Nevertheless workplace injuries and fatalities still happen far more often than anyone would like. Below is a table listing the number of reported workplace injuries, the rate of workplace injuries and the number of fatal workplace injuries in the Gosport area. If you follow this link you can see the report from which these figures came and see for yourself how Gosport compares to other parts of the UK.

LocationTotal- non fatal injuriesTotal- non fatal injuries per 100'000 workersFatal injuries

Injuries From Trip And Fall Accidents

You can make a personal injury claim with our accident solicitors covering Gosport if you have been injured due to a slip, trip and fall that could have been prevented had the right health and safety procedures been adhered to. If there is evidence that the fall was caused by an avoidable hazard which the owner of the premises where the accident took place could or should have taken action to prevent then this will serve as the basis for your claim. Examples of this could include, leaving wet patches of floor unmarked without a warning sign, allowing wiring to be left out on the floor, having sudden unexpected steps without being marked out with a “mind your step sign”. You can read more about fall accident claims on our website here.

Injuries Suffered As A Victim Of A Crime

It is not only injuries from accidents that our panel of accident claims solicitors can help you claim compensation for, you can also claim compensation for injuries or psychological harm that you have suffered as a result of a criminal assault. This can include physical assault or sexual assault, which you can read about here.  The money you will receive from a successful compensation claim will come from CICA, the Governments Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. You can successfully claim for criminal assault compensation even without a conviction of the person responsible, so long as you do have proof that you were injured in the incident and/or have suffered psychological harm as a result.

Public Place Accidents And Injuries

If you suffer an injury in a public place due to negligence then it may be possible to make a personal injury claim with our accident solicitors covering Gosport against the entity which owns and is responsible for the property in which the accident took place. Public place accident and injury claims can be made against either a private owner or the public operator of premises where an  avoidable accident has taken place, if there is proof that the entity responsible for the premises was responsible for the accident by not maintaining proper safety standards. Examples would include ensuring that furniture is safe and secure, ensuring that food and drink are not served hot enough to injure customers, ensuring that equipment or machinery that might be used by the public does not present an accident hazard. You can find out more about different types of public place accident and injury cases and how our panel of accident claims solicitors can help you on our website here.

Injuries And Illness From Medical Negligence

Another kind of personal injury claim that you could make with our panel of personal injury solicitors is a medical negligence claim. Medical negligence is where a medical professional; such as a doctor, a nurse, a general practitioner, a dentist or a residential care home staff member treating a patient fails to carry out proper procedures and neglects their duty of care to their patient causing the patient unnecessary harm. Just a few examples of this include; incorrectly performed dental procedures leading to damage to healthy teeth or infection, negligent misdiagnosis of an illness by a GP causing further ill health, improperly prescribed or administered treatment causing adverse health effects or neglect of elderly or vulnerable care home residents. You can read more about different types of clinical negligence claims and how our panel of accident solicitors covering Gosport can help you on our website here.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Gosport

Accident Claims UK is ideal for you if you are looking for a no win no fee solicitor. It is our policy for our accident claims solicitors to offer all of their clients a no win no fee agreement for their claim. In a no win no fee deal you and your solicitor will agree between each other a certain amount (no greater than 25%) of your compensation that your solicitor will receive as their payment in lieu of payment if your compensation claim is successful. If your claim is unsuccessful, but still considered valid, then your accident solicitor will not charge you a penny for their services.

Talk To A Specialist In Accident Claims

If you wish to start the process of making an accident claim, or if you would like to talk to our team for free legal accident claims advice, then call our phone line at 0800 073 8801 or fill out the contact form on our website. Our phone line operates 24/7 and if you fill out a contact form our team will work to get back to you as soon as they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Claim With A Personal Injury Solicitor?

You are not actually legally required to have a personal injury solicitor to represent you and your case, claimants can represent themselves even if you have no legal qualifications or prior legal experience. You should give yourself the best chance of making a successful accident compensation claim by having a professional represent you, gather evidence, provide you with expert legal advice and arrange for you to have a medical examination. Our no win no fee solicitors will also ensure that you are regularly updated with every development in your accident claims progress.

Why Does It Not Matter Where My Personal Injury Solicitor Is Located?

It does not matter where your personal injury lawyer is located because there is actually no requirement for you and your personal injury lawyer to actually meet in person in order to carry out an accident claim. It is perfectly possible and acceptable to make all arrangements for your case, and to receive updates on the progress of your claim from your solicitor entirely by phone, email or social media. It is quite likely that you will go through the entire claims process without ever actually meeting your accident solicitor in person if you do not want to. Our accident claims solicitors are not based in Gosport but we can cover the area through many various communication methods.

Why May I Be Asked To See A Doctor?

Your accident claim solicitor will refer you to a doctor for a medical examination because you must have evidence that you have been injured to support your claim. In order to prove that you were indeed injured or suffered psychological harm in your accident you will need the official statement of a doctor. In addition to proving that you were injured, a medical examination will confirm the extent of your injuries, which will also be useful in determining how much compensation you may be entitled to in the event that your claim is successful.

Where Could I Have A Medical Examination?

We always endeavour to provide claimants with medical experts within their area or as close to as we can. We work with a panel of doctors based all over the UK. You can read the names and addresses for the doctors we work with nearest to you in the list below.

Ana Quitano Ruiz
Queen street

Ayubur Rahman
Queen Alexandra hotel

Information On Local Services

Portsmouth Combined Courts Centre

Reporting A Road Traffic Accident To The Hampshire Police

Reporting Injury Or Illness In The Workplace

Gosport Borough Council Health And Safety Website

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