£40,000 Compensation Payout For Fractured Collarbone At Work – Settlement Amounts

At Accident Claims UK we are specialists in dealing with personal injury claims including broken collarbone at work type accidents and have dealt with many similar cases over the years. In this case study we examine how a fractured collarbone at work can happen, what damage a fractured/broken collarbone can lead to and how the case was settled with the help of a personal injury solicitor who understands the serious consequences a fractured collarbone at work can have.

In this case, the claimant was a male employee of a company he’d worked at for many years. On the day that his fractured collarbone at work happened he was inspecting a forklift truck that was being lowered from a lorry for repair when another lorry, from another company, reversed into the claimant pinning him in between the forklift and the lorry.

As a result of the crushing the claimant didn’t just suffer just a fractured collarbone at work, he suffered two and also multiple other fractures including ribs, leg, arm and ankle. As part of a larger settlement, the claimant received £40,000 for the fractured collarbone injury. Without a dedicated personal injury solicitor this settlement would’ve probably been a lot less.

At Accident Claims UK we are able to provide specialists who can deal with broken collarbone at work claims on your behalf and have dealt with numerous personal injury claims successfully on behalf of previous clients.

Accidents And Injuries At Work Caused By Forklift Trucks

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) accidents at work involving forklift trucks, reach trucks and similar warehousing vehicles are fairly common. In fact, they account for nearly a quarter of all workplace accidents involving vehicles. There’s no statistic recorded on how many resulted in a broken collarbone at work but we do know it happened in this case. The common types of accident involving a forklift truck (which could result in a broken collarbone at work similar to the incident referred to in this case study) are:

  • Drivers injured following a collision or vehicle tipping over due to too much weight being lifted.
  • Other workers being injured by being hit by a forklift.
  • Other workers being injured by goods falling from the forklift.

One common practice in warehouses and factories is that staff who haven’t been formally trained to use a forklift drive them because the usual driver is busy or on a break. Although they might seem easy to operate, forklifts are complex pieces of equipment and anybody driving one should have a current full licence to do so.

Any one of these can lead to a serious crushing injury or fractured collarbone at work and other types of injuries too like cuts, bruising and broken bones, and in extreme cases fatalities.

How Serious Is A Fractured Collarbone?

A fractured/broken collarbone at work is a very painful injury and also takes a while to heat with a broken collarbone healing time of up to 8 weeks. If the broken collarbone is not healed properly then it can lead to further pain and complications beyond those 8 weeks.

Broken collarbone compensation

Broken collarbone compensation

The NHS list broken collarbone symptoms as: numbness (or pins and needles) if any nerves in the arm have been injured, tenderness or swelling around the collarbone area, bruising and bleeding if the bone pierces the skin.

While some cases of a fractured collarbone at work will heal themselves with the use of a sling the more complex collarbone fractures and breaks will require a general anaesthetic. These are the cases where the bones are not lined up correctly to heal naturally or if the initial broken collar bone didn’t heal correctly.

How Are Accident At Work Claims Made?

In this claim where the fractured collarbone at work was caused by the negligence of the company and the company of the other driver, the personal injury solicitor involved in the case gathered evidence to support the claim from witnesses to the accident. As well as the witness evidence they collated the medical records which showed the extent of the pain and suffering that the broken collarbone at work had caused the claimant.

By ensuring that they had enough evidence to support the claim that the work injury was somebody else’s fault, the personal injury solicitor was able to settle the claim with the other parties involved. The claim for the broken collarbone contained personal injury compensation, financial losses and also took into account the future suffering the injury will cause. It is important in any personal injury claim when calculating compensation to provide evidence of losses during the accident, during the recovery period and any future pain and financial losses too. This is why choosing the right personal injury solicitor is important if you’re considering claiming for your fractured collarbone at work injury.

What Settlement Was Reached In This Claim?

The case was settled successfully as part of a larger claim for compensation, taking into account the other injuries that the claimant received, but the element for the broken collarbone at work payout was £40,000.

This would’ve taken into account how much pain and suffering the broken collarbone at work caused the claimant, how much final loss he suffered as a result of his injury and also any future suffering the injury is likely to cause him.

As with most personal injury claims, the other party’s solicitor would’ve tried to offer a much lower amount or try to claim the other party wasn’t responsible at all. This is why a good personal injury solicitor is essential when claiming for a broken collarbone at work – the right solicitor will ensure you settle at the right amount for your injuries and not what suits the company you are claiming against.

Make A No Win No Fee Claim For A Broken Collarbone

If you’ve suffered a fractured collarbone at work or a broken collarbone injury then you may be put off from claiming for personal injury compensation because you’re worried about the costs of employing a solicitor to take the case on for you.

A good personal injury solicitor is definitely recommended to take on a case like a broken collarbone injury because making a claim can be a complex task but paying for that solicitor, we believe, should only happen if they are successful at winning compensation. At Accident Claims UK we offer a no win, no fee services for all cases we take on, including broken collarbone at work injuries, so that our clients don’t have to deal with the stress of finding funds up front or ending up with a large bill if the claim is unsuccessful. We believe this is fair and after we have a free initial consultation with you, so that we can understand how your broken collarbone injury was caused and the impact it has had on you, we will let you know during the consultation if we think you have a chance of successfully claiming compensation.

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