How Much Compensation Could I Claim for a Shoulder Injury?

Shoulder Injury Compensation Calculator

By Brett Williams. Last Updated 22nd July 2021. Welcome to our guide on shoulder injury claims and shoulder injury compensation. Have you been the victim of an accident that resulted in a shoulder injury in the last two years? Was the accident caused by the actions of a third party, such as a car driver, or your employer? Do you believe you may have a valid reason to make shoulder injury claims?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this guide to making a compensation claim for a shoulder injury is for you. You will find all of the information and advice you need to begin making a shoulder injury claim.

If you would rather skip this guide and begin making your shoulder injury claim now, then you can call Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801. We will take all of the details of your claim, and help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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A Guide to Making a Shoulder Injury Claim

Shoulder injury claims

X-ray of shoulder

On this page, you are going to find a full guide to making a shoulder injury compensation claim. You will find plenty of information and advice on how to prepare for making a shoulder injury claim, and also the claims process as well.

Whether you have suffered a shoulder injury in a public place or a shoulder injury at work, then this guide will be entirely relevant. Accident Claims UK has over 30-years of experience in claiming significant compensation payments for clients across a very wide range of personal injury cases, including shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Injury Claims and Shoulder Injury Compensation Guide

In this guide, you will find information such as:

  • A discussion of many of the most common causes of shoulder injuries, and the types of accidents that can cause them as well.
  • How the severity of a shoulder in hurry is assessed, both cynically, and from the viewpoint of making a compensation claim.
  • An examination of the main circumstances which can lead to a shoulder injury, such as accidents in the workplace and accidents in public premises such as shops and restaurants.
  • Full details on the types of damages that are often claimed in compensation cases for a shoulder injury. You will find both general damages and special damages are covered.
  • An overview of how much you might expect to receive in compensation for a shoulder injury, presenting a table of typical amounts people have claimed in the past.
  • An introduction to the No Win No fee personal accident claims service that we offer here at Accident Claims UK. We will also present some compelling reasons for using us as your preferred legal firm for making a claim.
  • A number of useful links that are relevant to people who have suffered a shoulder injury.

If you would rather have your questions answered by phone, rather than by reading this guide, then please feel free to call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page, and we will do our best to help you.

What Are Some of The Main Causes of Shoulder Injuries

When we look at the main causes of a shoulder injury, not all of them are applicable to the kinds of shoulder damage that could be the basis of compensation. However, the following ways for a shoulder to be damaged are applicable:

  • Instability – in this type of shoulder injury, the shoulder has been forced out of position in some way. This included dislocation injuries. Many types of accidents involving blunt trauma such as road traffic accidents, or slips, trip and falls can lead to a shoulder instability injury.
  • Impingement – this kind of shoulder injury occurs when the muscles of the shoulder repeatedly and regularly rub against the shoulder blade. Now, this kind of injury wouldn’t be caused by an accident, but it could be caused by having to perform repetitive actions at work. Call us to find out how we can help you claim for work-related medical conditions.
  • Torn tendons – one of the most frequently suffered shoulder injury, caused by overstretching o overreaching. Commonly caused by slip, trip and fall accidents due to people trying to stop or brace their fall putting stress on the shoulder.
  • Bone fractures – another common type of shoulder injury, again as with instability, this is caused by blunt trauma such as falling down a flight of stairs or being hit by a moving vehicle.

Some of these injuries are fairly easily treated. Others may require surgery to repair the shoulder. And of course, compensation for shoulder injury requiring surgery will usually be higher.

No matter what type of shoulder injury you have, Accident Claims UK can help you claim compensation for it. All you need to do is give us a call on the number at the bottom of this page to find out.

How Do We Assess the Severity of Your Shoulder Injuries?

To answer the question, how much compensation will I get for a shoulder injury? Much of the answer will depend upon the severity of the injury itself. If we take a look at a number of shoulder injury compensation case studies, the underlying theme is that injuries which a) are particularly traumatic and painful, and b) have a significant negative effect on the life of the victim for an extended period, are those which attract the highest compensation pay-outs.

When we make a compensation claim for a shoulder injury on behalf of our clients, we have to decide how much we believe you could claim, and this means judging the severity of the injury. To do this, we take into consideration factors such as:

  1. How painful was the initial injury?
  2. How traumatic was the accident that resulted in the injury?
  3. Has the injury stopped you living your normal life?
  4. Do medical professionals expect your injury to have long-term effects?
  5. How have you coped psychologically with the injury and its effect on your life?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we can evaluate the severity of your injury, and the effect it has had on your life. And thus, we can then calculate what we believe is a fair compensation settlement for your shoulder injury.

To receive a better idea of how serious your shoulder injury is from a compensation point of view, call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page.

What Circumstances Lead to Shoulder Injury Claims

There are many reasons that we pursue shoulder injury payouts on behalf of our clients. The compensation awarded can also range widely. For example, frozen shoulder compensation amounts are typically higher than a simple dislocation injury, due to the longer-term effect on a person’s life.

If we look at the graph below, we can see that the single most common circumstance that leads to a shoulder injury, is playing or taking part in sports. We can also see that work-related injuries are quite a common reason for a shoulder injury.

Shoulder injury compensation

Shoulder injury statistics

Here at Accident Claims UK, we can help people who have suffered a shoulder injury no matter the circumstances that lead up to it, as long as you have a valid cause to make a claim. Call us at the number at the bottom of this page to find out if you do.

What Can I Include in My Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim?

One of the most important factors that drive compensation payments for a shoulder injury, and this covers all types of claims, such as workers compensation shoulder injury settlements, is just what you claim for in types of damages. For example, the shoulder impingement compensation amount for an injury that heals within weeks, and has no further effect upon your life, will be much lower than a shoulder injury that takes many months to heal. Typically, every compensation claim comprises of two main types of damages. These are general damages and special damages. They can be defined thus:

General Damages Paid for a Shoulder Injury

General damages are applied to all of the initial physical pain and psychological injuries caused by the shoulder injury. So, if your injury is extremely serious, and the shock of the accident that caused it was extreme, you would generally be able to claim more in general damages than somebody who suffered a more trivial injury.

It is important to know that general damages does not cover additional medical conditions that a victim might develop because of the original shoulder injury. For example, if you were to contract Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the injury, this would come under the special damages heading, as it will have an ongoing effect on your quality of life and is not part of the pain and suffering of the original injury.

Special Damages Paid for a Shoulder Injury

Special damages are applied to all of the non-physical aspects of the injury. This is a very broad heading that covers many types of shoulder injury compensation, such as:

  • Medical fees – if you had to pay any medical fees, or pay prescription charges due to your shoulder injury, you will be able to claim them back.
  • Travel costs – if you had to pay any out of pocket travel expenses directly due to your accident, as well as the claim you are making, such as having to take a taxi to the Accident & Emergency Department, or even having to travel to meet with your solicitor to discuss your case.
  • Loss of earnings – if you have had to miss work due to your injury, and this means you lost income, you will be able to claim this loss back.
  • Loss of future income – if your injury is likely to have long-term negative effects on your ability to work, or might prevent you from furthering your career, you will be able to claim for this.
  • Additional financial losses – if you have suffered in any way due to the accident, then you might be able to claim compensation for it. For example, if you had previously booked a holiday and it has been paid, and you had to cancel it without receiving a refund, you could claim it back.
  • Negative life quality – if your injury has stopped you from living a full and active life, you could be able to claim damages for this. This would also cover situations as missing the wedding of one of your children, for which you could be compensated.

If you would like to find out just what types of damages might apply to your own shoulder injury, then call Accident Claims UK at the number at the bottom of this page. Once we know a little about your injury and the effect it has had on your life, we can advise you what types of damages might be applicable in your case.

What to Do After Suffering a Shoulder Injury

To answer the question, how much can I claim for a shoulder injury? Much of the answer will be driven by how well you have prepared before making your claim. With this in mind, here are a number of steps you can take to maximise your chances of winning the most compensation possible from shoulder injury claims.

  1. If applicable, take photographs of the scene of the accident, as well as the cause of the injury. For example, if you tripped on a faulty paving slab, make sure you photograph the slab itself, and also the area of pavement the slab is in.
  2. If there were any witnesses to the accident that caused the shoulder injury, you should collect the names and contact details. You may need to ask them to provide a statement in support of your claim at some stage.
  3. If the accident was a serious one, such as a road traffic accident, make sure the police have been informed even if they do not attend the scene of the accident.
  4. Make sure that you get proper, professional medical treatment for your injury, even if you believe it to be trivial. This will ensure that the injury and its cause has been recorded with the National Health Service. This is especially important if you will be claiming damages for the long-term negative effects of a serious injury on the quality of your life for some reason.
  5. If the accident takes place in a public place, such as a supermarket, public library, restaurant or high street store, make sure that you report the accident to the party responsible for maintaining the premises. Many large retailers will have a form for you to fill in. Smaller companies will have an accident book where accidents are recorded, make sure yours is entered in this book.

If you have taken steps such as those outlined above, you will have a much better chance of winning your compensation claim for a shoulder injury. Call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page, so we can assess how well you have prepared for your claim.

How Much Compensation Could I Get for a Shoulder Injury? – Updated July 2021

You could try using an online shoulder injury compensation calculator to get a rough idea of how much compensation you might get for your injury, but these are not very accurate. Below, we have produced a table that shows how much compensation people have typically claimed for a shoulder injury in the past:

Injury TypeSeverity of InjuryCommentsCompensation Amount
Shoulder InjuryMinor More trivial shoulder injuries, that still allow the shoulder to flex properly.Up to £7,410
Shoulder InjuryMinor (1)Soft tissue damage to the shoulder that is almost completely healed within two years£4,080 to £7,410
Shoulder InjuryMinor (2)Soft tissue damage to the shoulder that is almost completely healed within a year£2,300 to £4,080
Shoulder InjuryMinor (3)Soft tissue damage to the shoulder that is almost completely healed within 3 monthsUp to £2,300
Shoulder InjuryModerateInjuries such as a frozen shoulder, which result in the short-term immobility of the shoulder.£7,410 to £11,980
Shoulder InjurySeriousShoulder injuries of a serious nature, such as dislocation, which immobilise the shoulder.£11,980 to £18,020
Shoulder InjurySevereBrachial plexus damage and other serious injuries that result in the total immobility of the affected shoulder.£18,020 to £45,070

However, every accident is different as are the circumstances of every injury. Therefore, you will need to speak to Accidents Claims UK to get a much better idea of how much you could claim in compensation for your shoulder injury. Call us at the number at the bottom of this page for more information.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims for a Shoulder Injury

Accident Claims UK operates a No Win No Fee personal injury claims service that is available to all UK residents. This is a very simple and effective way to make a claim for a shoulder injury.

Under our No Win No Fee agreement, there is no cost at all to begin your shoulder injury claims. No ongoing legal fees are charged while you claim is being processed, no matter how long it might take. And if we, for some reason, fail to win you a compensation payment for your shoulder injury, we won’t charge you anything at all. In fact, the only time we will ask you to pay your solicitors fees, is when you actually receive compensation payment for your shoulder injury.

This means that the Accident Claims UK personal injury claims service is entirely risk-free from a financial position. You really have nothing at all to lose in letting us attempt to claim compensation for your shoulder injury.

Why Choose Us to Help with Your Claim?

Accident Claims UK has a proven track record of winning complex and challenging personal injury claims on behalf of our clients. Our national personal injury claims service has proven time and time again to be an effective way for our clients to make shoulder injury claims.

We will always update you whenever we do anything on your behalf that is related to your claim, and we will do this in plain English, not legal jargon. We always aim to win you the most compensation possible.

We can arrange for local value-add services such as arranging for you to receive a local expert medical opinion in support of your case. We operate a legal team all across the UK, so if you prefer to have a face to face chat, we can have somebody make a home visit.

Using a personal injury solicitor to help with shoulder injury claims

If your daily life has been affected by a shoulder injury caused by somebody else, you may wish to sue them for your suffering. Whether your injury has been caused by a fall, a road traffic accident or even medical negligence, you may find that a personal injury solicitor can help make the claims process easier. We strongly believe that taking on legal representation in your case will improve the chances of winning your claim and receiving the correct level of compensation settlement.

If it were left to the defendant’s insurer, you might be paid compensation but at a much lower level than you deserve. If your case is accepted by one of our specialist solicitors, they’ll work hard to try and ensure that any compensation paid reflects the level of suffering you’ve sustained. During your claim, the solicitor will manage everything for you and make sure that evidence is collected before it is submitted to the defendant. They’ll then field all queries and any objections so that you don’t need to get involved. If liability can be established, your solicitor will then move on to provide evidence that proves the extent of your injuries.

Would you like us to review your personal injury claim for free? If so, why not give us a call today? One of our specialists will guide you through the claims process and could refer you to a No Win No Fee solicitor if your case is strong enough.

Contact Us Today

Have you been the victim of an accident that resulted in a shoulder injury? Was somebody else to blame? If so, call Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801 today. Once we have taken all the details of your injury, we will offer you some free legal advice on what we believe you should do next. For most people, this will be to take advantage of our main service offering, our No Win No Fee personal injury claims service. This is very easy to access and an efficient way to make shoulder injury claims. It is also entirely risk-free financially.

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At the link below, you will find detailed information published by the National Health Service regarding shoulder pain, its causes, symptoms and treatment.

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Shoulder injury claims and shoulder injury compensation claims FAQs

What is the average settlement for a shoulder injury?

Settlement amounts for shoulder injuries vary depending on how much you suffered physically, psychologically and financially. Take a look at our table to find out how much you could receive for the physical effects alone. 

How long does it take to get over a shoulder injury?

Recovery times differ depending on your own circumstances and the injury itself. The NHS recommends light exercise to prevent delays in recovery. 

How much should I settle for a shoulder injury?

You should settle for what you and your potential solicitor deem as compensatory for your injuries and financial loss. 

Can you claim disability for a shoulder injury?

You could be eligible if the shoulder pain has been debilitating for a prolonged period of time and continues to persist.

Can I get disability for a torn rotator cuff?

This depends on the severity of the injuries and for it to go on for at least 12 months.

Is a rotator cuff injury permanent?

If you don’t receive surgical treatment, permanent conditions could include reduced motion and shoulder joint degeneration.

How do I know if my rotator cuff repair failed?

The clear signs are if the initial injury symptoms still remain some time after the surgery.

What are the best treatments for a rotator cuff injury?

These include simple rest and recovery, ice and also physical therapy, as well as potential surgery.

Thank you for reading our guide to shoulder injury claims and shoulder injury compensation.