£500,000 Compensation Payout For Undiagnosed Throat Cancer – Settlement Amounts

As patients, we put a lot of faith in the doctor’s and medical professional’s that treat us and, when we feel unwell, we have to trust that when they tell us that there’s nothing wrong, then their diagnosis is correct. We don’t expect to make a compensation for undiagnosed cancer claim because the correct diagnosis didn’t happen until much later.

Undiagnosed throat cancer compensation

Undiagnosed throat cancer compensation

In this case study case we review here, that trust was unfounded as the consultant involved in the case missed the chance to diagnose cancer early which led the patient to have life changing surgery and led to compensation for undiagnosed cancer. The GP in the case made a referral but if the consultant who she was referred to had acted earlier the treatment plan would not have been so dramatic and the claimant in the case, a 59-year-old woman, would probably be living a much more normal life than she is now following the complete removal of her voice box, also known as a laryngectomy.

Cancer is nobody’s fault but compensation for undiagnosed cancer was sought because there was a four-month delay before the throat cancer was properly diagnosed which, if spotted at the first consultation, would’ve meant the laryngectomy wouldn’t have been needed.

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Undiagnosed Cancer Statistics

It is difficult to say exactly how many undiagnosed throat cancer cases there are each year and those seeking a claim for compensation for undiagnosed cancer may wonder how to determine if misdiagnosis was to blame in their case. There are various reports from the medical profession showing how cases of cancer with either reported as ‘no problem found’ or that the symptoms presented to the GP or consultant were a lesser illness.

In a case researched by Cambridge University, who followed hundreds of men who had presented with prostate cancer symptoms, over half of the group were told they’d got a much less serious form of the disease when in fact they had the most serious type of cancer. In these cases, compensation for undiagnosed cancer would be a definite consideration, especially if a later diagnosis led to more complicated or more devastating treatment.

If this trend was followed across all cancer types then the amount of compensation for undiagnosed cancer cases would be huge if you consider that:

  • In 2015 there were nearly 360,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed.
  • Every 2 minutes, somebody in the UK is newly diagnosed with cancer.
  • There are around 164,000 deaths from cancer in the UK each year.

Fortunately, the 50% failure to diagnose in the Cambridge University, isn’t the same across all cancer types but the NHS do payout a huge amount of compensation for undiagnosed cancer each year.

The amount of compensation for undiagnosed cancer varies from case to case so we can’t offer a misdiagnosis compensation calculator, but our experts can advise you on what you could claim for, if you do want to claim compensation for undiagnosed cancer, once we’ve listened to your case in our free consultation.

How Did The Failure To Be Diagnosed Affect The Claimant?

The case for the claimant in this case was that there was a 4-month delay between her first consultants meeting and the correct diagnosis actually being made. This delay meant that rather than undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy which could’ve reduced the size of the cancer, it spread and became larger and eventually the only choice was for surgery to completely remove her tonsil, throat and voice box which meant claiming for compensation for undiagnosed cancer was inevitable.

The claimant had to make massive changes to her life because of the late diagnosis and sought compensation for undiagnosed cancer because of those changes and the fact that she was no longer able to work.

About The Undiagnosed Cancer Case Handled?

Cases seeking compensation for undiagnosed cancer are usually settled out of court when the NHS, or other medical institution, admit liability. The personal injury solicitor in this case would’ve built a case around how the delay in diagnosis was the root cause of the massive life changing surgery.

They would usually gather medical records from the initial GP’s referral and the subsequent appointments and prove that the compensation for undiagnosed cancer was fair because any competent doctor should’ve spotted the cancer from the MRI scan and other diagnostics taken by the first consultant.

All of this evidence would then be provided to the NHS as part of a compensation for undiagnosed cancer claim and they’d be given the chance to reply to the allegations.

Once the misdiagnosis has been agreed, the solicitor would present their case as to how much compensation for undiagnosed cancer their client was entitled to and the NHS would either agree or offer a different amount, with reasons why, for the solicitor and claimant to consider until a settlement amount could be agreed upon.

In our experience, it is very rare for compensation for undiagnosed cancer claims to get to a court room once liability has been admitted.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Settlements

The amount of compensation for undiagnosed cancer that was agreed on in this case was £500,000 and it took into account the amount of pain and suffering the claimant had undergone because of the misdiagnosis, her care costs, her loss of earnings and the future loss of earnings as she was still of working age at the time of the operation.

It was concluded that if the initial consultation had been conducted properly then compensation for undiagnosed cancer would not have been needed.

This is obviously a very large amount of compensation for undiagnosed cancer but took into account the massive impact on the claimant’s life following the operation.

Every case is different, as the impact on each claimant will be different, but once we’ve had a free consultation with a new claimant we may be able to indicate how much compensation for the misdiagnosis of cancer you could receive.

No Win No Fee Undiagnosed Cancer Claims

One thing we hear a lot from potential new clients is that they are worried about the costs of making a claim for compensation for undiagnosed cancer as they’re concerned about the length of time it takes to gather the evidence and put together a compelling case.

While some solicitors do charge for their work by the hour when preparing a misdiagnosis claim, here at Accident Claims UK we work on a risk-free, no win no fee basis.

This means that if you ask us to claim for compensation for undiagnosed cancer on your behalf, and that we agree to take your case on, then we won’t charge anything upfront, we won’t charge an hourly rate while the case is being prepared and we won’t charge you a penny unless we are successful and get you compensation for undiagnosed cancer.

We understand the financial worry of mounting a case and think our no win no fee service is the fairest way to take your case forward.

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