Finland Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury In Finland? On Holiday

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 23rd November 2021. Welcome to our guide on claiming for an accident on holiday in Finland.

Finland holiday accident accident on holiday in Finland

Finland holiday accident

Nothing ruins a holiday more than suffering an injury or illness. However, if you have been involved in an accident on holiday in Finland and it was not your fault, we can help you to get the compensation you deserve here at Accident Claims UK. We have many years of experience in the industry, and our team of holiday accident claims specialists can help you to get the amount you deserve. You can reach us on 0800 073 8801 to discuss your requirements, no matter the time or day. But first, continue reading to find out more…

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Dealing With Your Holiday Accident In Finland

A Guide To Claims For An Accident On Holiday In Finland

If you find yourself needing to make a compensation claim for the first time, you may be at a bit of a loss regarding where to start, especially if you have had an accident on holiday in Finland. But there is no need to panic, as this is what Accident Claims UK is here for. Read on to discover everything you need to know about using the services of accident lawyers to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Should you make a claim?

There is only one place to begin, and this is by determining whether you have the basis for a personal injury claim. You need to prove three statements to be true if you are to have a chance of securing compensation. These are as follows:

  • The incident occurred because of someone else’s error or negligence. You certainly cannot make a claim if you caused the accident. After all, you cannot request compensation from yourself!
  • You have seen a doctor for your injuries. Without this, there is usually no case. This is because the medical report they put together is the most vital piece of evidence in any personal injury case.
  • The accident happened in the past three years. This is usually the personal injury claims time limit on most personal injury cases. If it has taken time for your symptoms to develop so you don’t know what the accident date actually is – for instance, if you have been diagnosed with industrial deafness, you will have three years from the date of your diagnosis instead. Call us to find out if there are any other differing limits that apply to your claim.

Your solicitor will inform you of what they require of you to build a strong claim. Nevertheless, it can help if you can get your hands on the contact details of the person that caused the accident as well as the contact details of any witnesses. Aside from this, if applicable, take photographs and ensure you report the accident correctly. It is also a good idea to write down the events as you remember them, so you don’t forget any important details later down the line. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. But first, continue reading to discover everything you need to know.

The Largest Cities And Destinations In Finland

It is important to note that we can provide you with Finland travel advice and claims assistance no matter where in Finland you have been injured. However, let’s take a look at some of the largest cities and destinations in Finland…

  1. Helsinki
  2. Espoo
  3. Tampere
  4. Vantaa
  5. Turku
  6. Oulu
  7. Lahti
  8. Kuopio
  9. Jyvaskyla
  10. Pori

What Should You Do If You Are Injured On Holiday?

From food poisoning to injuries from poor hotel maintenance, there are many different instances that can result in people requiring the services of personal injury lawyers in Finland. If you have been injured in any type of accident that was not your fault, read on to discover some of the most important steps you need to take when making a claim…

  • See a doctor – If you do not see a medical professional, you will seriously ruin your chances of securing compensation. A lot of people mistakenly believe they can skip a trip to the doctor if they have only sustained minor injuries. But, if you do this, you are not going to be able to effectively prove that you suffered, as there will be no professional evidence of your injuries. You need to see a doctor because they will put together a medical report, and this is the most important piece of evidence when it comes to any personal injury claim.
  • Contact details – You should get the contact details of the person that caused the incident. This includes their name, phone number, address and the details of their insurer. If anyone witnesses the incident, try to get their contact information, as witness statements can prove to be beneficial when attempting to secure compensation.
  • Contact Accident Claims UK – When it comes to making a compensation claim, there is no one better than Accident Claims UK. We are one of the leading law companies here in the UK. We deal with a wide variety of cases, including everything from workplace accidents to road traffic accidents. All you need to do is read the reviews that have been left by our previous customers, and we are sure that this will reassure you that we are the best choice for you.
  • Keep receipts and similar proof – Last but not least, make sure you keep proof of any expenses you have encountered because of your injury. This includes the likes of travel costs, vehicle repair costs, childcare expenses, loss of earnings, medical costs and counselling expenses, as you will be able to claim for these as special damages.

How To Get Help From The Emergency Services In Finland

Before you go on holiday, it is always vital to jot down all of the emergency numbers for the place you are visiting. The European emergency number is 112; so the best thing to do is simply dial this phone number. You can also find information regarding the British Embassy in Finland at the end of the guide.

Healthcare For Visitors And Tourists In Finland

Not only do you need to make sure you have all of the information regarding the emergency telephone numbers for Finland but you need to make sure you will have access to medical care if required. This is where travel insurance comes in. It is of paramount importance that you take the time to find the right policy for you. Furthermore, you will be able to use your GHIC card in Finland. This may give you access to reduced state care and sometimes you will even get this for free. Nevertheless, this is not the case for all treatments, so you still need to take out insurance. If you do not have an GHIC card at the moment, you can apply for one via the UK Government website free of charge.

How Long Do I Have To Claim Compensation In Finland?

You may be aware of the fact that you have three years to make a claim – this is the time limit on most personal injury cases as we mentioned earlier. Therefore, you have three years from the accident date, or three years from the diagnosis date if your injuries have developed over time. This often leads people to believe that they have plenty of time to claim. However, the longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be. The details will no longer be fresh in your mind, and you may struggle to get your hands on valuable evidence, such as witness statements. There are some exceptions to the three-year rule, as you will discover in the table below. For further clarification, call us.

Circumstances Time Limit
Package holidays 3 years may very
Private holidays Approximately 1 year (this does vary)
Injuries on the flight 2 years may very

Injury And Accident Claims In Finland We Can Help With

Skiing And Package Holiday Accident Claims

Of course, your solicitor is going to play a massive role in terms of making sure you get the compensation you deserve. However, there are a number of things you can do as well.

See a medical professional – It is imperative to see a doctor if you want to have any chance of claiming. After all, how else are you going to prove that you have been injured in the first place? The medical report they provide will reveal the extent of your injuries and the recommended course of treatment. This is then used to determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

Keep proof of expenses – If you have been injured, it is likely that you will encounter some expenses as a result. This includes the likes of treatment expenses, counselling costs, travel costs, loss of earnings, childcare expenses and such like. You will be able to claim for these.

Find a quality solicitor – You need to use the services of a quality solicitor who can give you the best chance of securing the maximum compensation. This is not something that should be taken lightly. It is advisable to go for someone that is happy to work to a No Win, No Fee payment agreement. This reduces monetary risk and ensures a greater level of quality in regards to the service offered by your solicitor. You should also look for someone that has a considerable amount of experience in slips, trips and falls claim or your specific situation, and read reviews that have been left by previous customers too.

Report the incident – In some cases it is necessary to report the accident. If you have been hurt at the hotel, you need to inform the managerial staff. You may also need to tell the police about what has happened. This is especially the case if you have been the victim of a criminal injury or you have been involved in a road traffic accident. Don’t forget to call your insurer either. You also need to inform your travel company.

Hotel Accident Claims

There are so many different accidents that could happen in a hotel. You could be injured while using the spa or gym facilities, for example, because of poor maintenance or a lack of training on behalf of those that work there. You may also claim for an illness you have sustained due to a chemical imbalance in the swimming pool. Or, what about a slip, trip or fall on the hotel grounds? The scenarios vary considerably.

Food Poisoning And Similar Illness Claims

Food poisoning claims are common amongst those launching a case for an accident that has happened while they were overseas. In most cases, the symptoms of food poisoning only last for a few days, after which the individual starts to feel better. There have been severe cases of food poisoning, though, so you do not want to take any risks.

Injuries Caused By Falls And Trips

Have you fallen in a public place? Perhaps you have tripped on a broken pavement? Maybe you have slipped on an unmarked spillage at your hotel? No matter what type of slip, trip or fall incident you have been involved in, Accident Claims UK can assist. In fact, this is actually one of the most common types of accidents, impacting an enormous number of people across the country every year, and so you can rest assured that we have an extensive amount of experience in this area.

You should use the services of a solicitor that has an extensive amount of experience, especially in slip, trip and fall claims. It is a good idea to read reviews that have been left by previous customers as well to see what they have had to say about the service they received.

Aside from this, you need to make sure you see a doctor, as this is imperative when it comes to building a strong case because the medical report they provide is the most essential piece of evidence. You will also need to keep proof of any expenses you have encountered due to your injuries, as you will be able to claim for these as special damages.

Finland Skiing Accident Claims

There is no denying that skiing is a big activity in Finland. A lot of people come here to enjoy ski breaks and luxury vacations. While most people have an amazing time, there are incidents whereby people end up injured. If this has happened to you, and it was not your fault, we can help you to get the compensation you deserve. Accidents range from faulty ski lifts to the incorrect instructions being given. We can also help with claims for other accidents and incidents; for example, we can launch jet ski tour accident claims, as well as cases relating to water activities & water sports in Finland.

Car Accidents In Finland

Have you been injured in a road accident in Finland? If so, this section has all of the information you require.

There are many different road traffic incidents that can lead to an individual needing the services of accident lawyers for a car accident claim in Finland. The following is a mere handful of examples…

  • Car crashes,
  • Motorbike accidents,
  • Scooter and moped accidents,
  • Cycling accidents,
  • Hit and runs,
  • Accidents involving uninsured drivers,
  • Pedestrian incidents,
  • Passenger injuries.

The scenarios vary dramatically. You can also claim for a bus, coach, or train accident in Finland. However, when it comes to getting compensation you simply need to be able to prove the following to be true…

  • Someone else is responsible for the incident
  • The accident occurred within the last three years/other time limit
  • You saw a doctor for your injuries

The first point is imperative. You certainly won’t be able to make a claim if you are entirely to blame for the incident. You need to show that someone else made an error or acted negligently. Aside from this, three years is the time limit on most personal injury cases. You will have three years from the date of the accident and court proceedings must be issued within this period except in some cases which we can advise you on. Finally, you have to visit a doctor, as the medical report is the most crucial piece of evidence when it comes to any compensation claim.

Now you know everything you need to in regards to the basics of making a road traffic accident claim. If you are to make a strong claim it is advisable to get the contact details of the person that caused the crash, as well as the details of any witnesses if applicable.

Once you have done this, get in touch with Accident Claims UK to benefit from the best accident lawyers.

How Can Our Team Help You?

Can I Use A Solicitor Based In The UK?

Yes, you can! A lot of people assume they can only work with solicitors based in Finland but this could not be further from the truth. Accident Claims can provide you with a personal injury solicitor based in the UK that can help.

No Win No Fee Finland Holiday Accident Claims

When you find yourself in this position, the most crucial thing you need to do is find a quality lawyer, so you have the best chance of getting the full amount of compensation you deserve.

There are many different factors you need to consider when trying to find the best lawyer. You should ensure the solicitor is experienced and that they specialise in the area of law you require, i.e. if you have been involved in a car crash you need someone that has a significant degree in road traffic accident claims. Aside from this, make sure the solicitor is UK based, read reviews that have been left by previous customers and ensure they are happy to work to a No Win, No Fee basis.

There are many benefits associated with going down this route. No Win, No Fee means that you will only pay compensation if your claim is a success. This offers you a significant degree of financial protection. If you were to go for the services of someone who does not work to this payment agreement, there is always the chance that you will invest a significant degree of money in a service only for the lawyer to lose your case.

Because of the nature of a No Win, No Fee payment agreement, there is a high chance you are going to benefit from a much better service. This is because the solicitor is going to be more impacted by the outcome of your case. You can also be sure that they will not waste your time either. If they do not believe you have a strong case, they will tell you. This guarantees that you do not fall victim to a law professional that is just taking on your case to take your cash, as may be the case if you went for a solicitor that charges by the hour.

How Can Our Specialist Team Help You

It doesn’t matter whether you want to make a claim for a road traffic accident, a food poisoning incident, a slip, trip or fall case or something different, there is one thing that all cases have in common and this is the need to have a quality solicitor working on your claim so that you have the best chance of securing the compensation you deserve. If you are seeking a solicitor for Finland accident claims, Accident Claims UK is here to assist, as we cover the whole of the UK and our excellent team of solicitors can help to ensure you receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

When you are looking to find a personal injury solicitor to work on a personal injury claim, it is vital to find someone with a considerable amount of experience, a good reputation and good payment terms. You can be sure of this when you turn to Accident Claims UK. We have many years of experience in the industry, and during this time we have successfully helped thousands and thousands of personal injury victims to get the compensation they are entitled to.

One of the stand-out features of our service is that all of our team work to a No Win, No Fee payment agreement. This presents many benefits to you. Not only does it mean that legal risk is minimised because you only pay legal fees if your case is a success, but it also means that you are guaranteed a better service because our solicitors are influenced by the outcome of your case. You can also be confident that we will not waste your time – we will only take on your case if there is a genuine chance of it being successful.

If you are still feeling unsure about using our service, all you need to do is have a little browse on our website. You will be able to read the reviews that have been left by our previous clients.

To contact us, simply follow the process below…

Contact our team by email, phone, or post. Our team will assess your claim. Once you are ready, we can then start your claim.

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You can reach us on 0800 073 8801 to discuss your requirements. No matter whether you simply have a few questions or you are ready to start the claims process, we are here to help. Our line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also reach us via email, live chat, and requesting a call back.

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Some helpful contact details:

British Embassy Finland – Helsinki

Itäinen Puistotie 17
00140 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0) 9 2286 5100

NHS guide to healthcare in Finland – Country-specific information.

FAQs Relating To An Accident on Holiday In Finland

What could impact how much compensation I received for an accident on holiday in Finland?

If you have suffered injuries in an accident in on holiday in films that were not your fault you could be eligible do claim or both the pain and suffering of your injuries as well as any financial impact they had on you. These are known as general and special damages. You would have to evidence both of these to be able to claim the maximum compensation possible.

In terms of how you would evidence general damages, you need to go to see an independent medical expert. This could be arranged for you as part of your claim. You would need to go for an examination appointment with them, whereupon they may ask you questions about your injuries. They may even need to order further tests in some cases. Based on the results of your examination they would compile an independent medical evaluation report. This could be used to assess how much compensation could be appropriate for your level of pain and suffering.

In terms of how to evidence special damages, this would generally involves submitting documentation such as pay slips for loss of earnings, receipts and bills for care costs medical and travel expenses. It would be wise to keep such documentation to one side so you could provide it to your solicitor when they require it.

Could I launch a compensation claim for an accident on holiday if my child was injured?

Child accident claims could be launched by parents or other people responsible for the child. They would need to apply to be the child’s litigation friend to make decisions about their case. Compensation received in such claims would usually be held in a trust for the child to access once they become an adult. However, if there was a need for funds to be released, you could apply to the court for this.

Thank you for reading this guide on making a claim for an accident on holiday in Finland.